Making Payments Disbursements | Easy Ways

It is more than reducing costs. Simple changes to the way you pay your bills can have an impact.

Pinnacle offers support and services that optimize how your money is used and help you monitor your cash flow. Pinnacle’s treasury administration services can help you control your cash and prevent fraud. Pinnacle’s treasury management services combine the best of technology with local support. Here’s how.

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Making Payments Disbursements

  • Reduce expenses associated with check processing and simplify reconciliation when you pay your employees, vendors, taxes, and taxes electronically. ACH can serve many purposes, including bill payment, direct deposit, and bill payment.

Wire Transfers

  • Pinnacle offers wire transfer services to domestic and international businesses. These are often used when you need large amounts to quickly transfer between banks. You can do it once or regularly.

Accounts – Payable Automation

  • AP teams frequently rely on manual processes that cause inefficiency and increase costs. Pinnacle’s payment automation solution makes it easier to automate AP and transforms workflows into a digital program that facilitates end-to-end payment execution.
  • Positive Pay can be a great option if you are required to use a cheque. Positive Pay offers automatic, daily reconciliation as well as extra protection against fraud via the creation of digital versions for each check. These digital copies are kept in our files and used to reconcile your accounts at the end. We also use them to verify any checks that have been presented against your account.

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  • Direct deposit can be used to make payday management easier, or you can outsource it entirely. Direct deposit makes it easy to keep track of all payroll transactions instead of managing individual checks. Outsourcing allows someone else to handle the entire process so that you can concentrate on growing your company.


  • Online Banking is a great alternative to checking. It’s faster, and you have greater control over the approval and review of your payments.
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