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Maurice Byrd Murder: Where is Beverly Rhea McColm Now?

Maurice Byrd’s family was worried when he failed to show up for the charge of his dying mother. But, nothing could have prepared them for the shocking surprise when Maurice was found dead to death on the 10th of December 2011. Investigation Discovery’s “See the Good in Maurice’s Final Viewer’ follows the horrifying murder and guides viewers through the investigation of the police, which led to the arrest of the murderer. Let’s take a closer look into the case and discover the whereabouts of Maurice’s killer currently and where we can find him.

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How Did Maurice Byrd Die?

Maurice Byrd, a 60-year-old resident of Guthrie, Oklahoma, was extremely connected to the family he was raised with and had an unbreakable connection with his parents. A person with a vision, Maurice made a living as a real-estate developer and a mentor for young people as a sideline. The community identified him as a generous man with a warm and generous heart who believed in putting the well-being of others over his own. This is why his family and friends deeply miss Maurice.

In the days leading up to his death, Maurice took care of his mother’s ill health every day. Therefore, his family members were puzzled when he didn’t show up to the scene without prior contact. They tried to connect to Maurice. However, they were not able to achieve this. The result was that they were forced to engage the police in the case.

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When the authorities arrived at the Guthrie, Oklahoma, house, They found Maurice sitting on the stomach with numerous gunshot wounds to his back. There was blood all over the victim’s body, and officials realized that Maurice was dead when they arrived. An autopsy later found the bullet injuries to be the primary cause of death. While the incident was deemed murder, law enforcement officials could not locate any evidence for forced entry.

Who was the killer of Maurice Byrd?

The crime scene was not a great source of suspects in Maurice’s case. Therefore, the police needed to interview to make the suspects. Since he was a real estate agent, The show also mentions that Maurice was involved in disagreements with several other people. However, their alibis were all ruled out. The interview also provided the police with information the police that Maurice was a regular member of The Macedonia Baptist Church, which was situated about a block away from his house.

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While the church could not offer any other information, the police spotted that the church’s grounds were protected by CCTV cameras, which could contain the key to solving the murder. In addition, the front door of Maurice’s residence was also covered by CCTV surveillance, which made the police’s job simpler. After authorities obtained a warrant and began looking at the video footage of at the local church, they were able to see one woman exit an automobile and converse with an individual before proceeding toward Maurice’s residence.

Even though the woman later returned with her vehicle, the vehicle stopped several times at the front of the victim’s residence when the killing took place. Since the video was clear, the police were able to note the car’s license number and trace it to a woman whose name was Beverly Rhea McColm. Furthermore, when the police visited the home of Beverly, they found a gun as well as a box of live ammunition, with five rounds missing. The gun was similar to the weapon used in the murder. However, Beverly maintained her innocence and said she had only met Maurice just a few days before death.

However, the investigation found that Beverly had loaned the victim several thousand dollars. When presented with surveillance footage, the suspect altered her story to say she had a conversation with a man named Max the day before his murder. According to the report, Beverly stated that Max was supposed to intimidate the victim into paying back the money; however, the fight allegedly escalated. She fled when she heard shots. The explanation was too absurd for the police to believe. Because they were unable to find Max, Beverly was arrested and charged with the murder of Maurice.

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Where is Beverly Rhea McColm Now?

At first, Beverly Rhea McColm insisted that she was innocent and tried to convince jurors during her trial. But, she experienced an abrupt change of heart in April 2013 and chose to admit guilt to the charge of second-degree murder. In the end, Beverly got sentenced to 40 years of prison and a chance for the next thirty years of her sentence to be suspended based on her good conduct. According to prison records, she was able to get free on parole around the year 2020. Because Beverly is a resident of Texas, she was permitted to transfer her supervision back to her home state.

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