Mausoleums Are Not Working in Elden Ring | Easy Fix Elden Ring Cant Duplicate Remembrance

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If you’re looking to duplicate the Remembrances of Elden Ring, you must locate mausoleums. It’s the only way you can duplicate the Remembrances.

Unfortunately, a lot of Elden Ring players have complained that some mausoleums do not work. The Remembrance they’d like to duplicate doesn’t show up.

Let’s talk about what you can do implement to fix Elden Ring Cant Duplicate Remembrance issue.

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What Is The Reason Elden Ring Cant Duplicate Remembrance?

The reason you aren’t able to replicate Remembrance at Elden Ring is because the mausoleum you’re visiting isn’t compatible and not compatible with that Remembrance you’re trying duplicate. Mausoleums with no bells don’t allow Shard Bearer remembrances.

Repair Elden Ring mausoleums are not working

Find a mausoleum that is different.

If you’re unable to duplicate Remembrances, it means that the mausoleum you’re in isn’t compatible with the kind of Remembrance you’re trying duplicate.

There are two types of mausoleums that are located in The Lands Between. One category allows duplicate Remembrances from bosses in the main game and the second will only duplicate Remembrances from lower bosses. The ability to duplicate the remembrances of demigods is only in mausoleums that have bells underneath them.

Be aware that you may not duplicate more than one Remembrance per mausoleum.

The mausoleums of bosses with main Remembrances can accommodate multiple kinds of Remembrances. However those for lesser bosses can only accommodate Remembrances from lower bosses.

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