What’s the Meaning of Scales Tattoo in Moon Knight?

Meaning of Scales Tattoo in Moon Knight

In ‘Moon Knight’, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s move towards darker hues continues. The plot is about Steven Grant ( Oscar Isaac), an average-mannered museum worker living in London. At first, he appears to suffer from a sleep disorder and sleeps by having one of his feet secured; he is afraid it will be impossible to get on the next day if he does not.

One day, he awakes in a strange location and meets Arthur Harrow ( Ethan Hawke), a mysterious cult leader. Everyone in Arthur’s cult is said to have tattoos with scales on their arms. Here’s everything you must learn about it. Beware of spoilers in the future.

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What’s the meaning behind The Scales Tattoo?

The cult Arthur has in charge is committed to Ammit. In the ancient Egyptian religion, Ammit is both a goddess and a demoness. According to traditional representations, Ammit’s forequarters look like the lion’s, and hindquarters resemble the hippopotamus’s, and his head resembles the head of an octopus. She is believed to be associated with Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. The scales are visible within the arms of Arthur, and his family are those of the Scales of Justice.

When the dead arrive at Duat (or Duat, or the Egyptian Underworld Anubis sets their souls on the one end of the scales, testing them against the feather of Ma’at, the goddess of truth. If the heart is found as lighter than Ma’at’s feather, the deceased can continue their journey towards Aaru and the Fields of Reeds, the heavenly kingdom of Osiris. If the heart is larger, Ammit devours it, and the deceased’s soul is forever agitated. This is the reason Ammit can also be identified under the names “Devourer of the Dead,” “Great of Death,” or “Eater of Hearts.”


 MarvelComics MarvelComics’ interpretation of the character is more or less identical to the mythology. However, there is a difference. MCU has introduced certain modifications in the story of Ammit in the adaptation. The movie seems to play Anubis’s role as a god in mythology. Based on the account that Arthur says to Steven, Ammit was held captive by gods of her own and even snubbed by her avatar.

The show’s creators appear to be trying to interpret Ammit as a powerful, megalomaniacal god who punishes anyone she believes to be a villain. Steve says that Ammit can see into the future and past and judge people through their actions in the past and what they’ll perform in the future.

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Arthur appears to serve as an instrument of her power. In contrast to mythology, where people have to be killed to avoid being judged, Arthur uses his tattoo to determine his followers. They are also emotional enough to put themselves through the process, aware that there is a substantial chance that they’ll pass away.

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