Minecraft Resource Pack Not Showing

Minecraft Resource Pack Not Showing?

We all know that Minecraft is loved by millions of people out there and they are just addicted to the game that they love to play it every time. It has been in the market for the last decade. This is just attracting more people towards it. You need to accept the fact that this is the most popular game in the world. But do you know what to do if the Minecraft resource pack not showing?

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There might be a reason that it is not appearing in your options. Maybe it is not easily accessible for you. But this game is just so simple to play that everyone gets easily involved in this. There is also sometimes complexity in the game but the players who play it regularly don’t find much of the difficulty anywhere. This game is coming with new features every day and it is evolving every day.

The most interesting thing that keeps changing is the resource packs, it makes the gameplay more interesting. Players can use them when they want to and when they are required to fit the changeup and whenever they want to improve certain elements of the game. It is either the visuals or the gameplay itself. The resource packs are very easy to use in Minecraft.

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But what to do if you facing an issue and it’s not showing to you. Here is everything for you that you will need and by reading this you will get to know why the resource pack is not showing in Minecraft and what to do in order to make them appear. So keep reading and get to know the reasons behind this.

Minecraft Resource Pack Not Showing

While getting your hands on the resource pack is not so tough and it’s not an issue at all. The only problem that you will face is when you will start to use them. There might be a common issue for the players when they try to find the resource packs in the resource pack section in the game. But unfortunately, they are not finding anything there.

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This is not something major that will be hard to solve. You just need to read the troubleshooting guide here for a few minutes and then it will be easy for you to solve this. So start reading the reasons behind this

The first thing you need to make sure of in this is that the package versions that you are having should match your Minecraft version. This might be a common problem for most of the players but it is the most important thing that you need to do and need to check whether it matches before you attempt to use the resource pack. 

If you are new to the world of Minecraft then this may be a common mistake that you will make and now it will be clear to you what you have to avoid. Minecraft can be a bit finicky when it will come to this problem or at the time when you will have such kind of issue. Grabbing a resource pack that doesn’t work for you will be a mistake that you can make in the version in which you are playing.

You should be clear that every resource pack is created for a specific version of the game so if you are playing in the new version or you are playing in the old version that doesn’t have the resource pack then it won’t work for you. This is the reason that the resource pack is not showing in the resource pack menu. 

So you got the solution for this problem and that is you need to always check the version in which you are playing band need to make sure it supports resource packs. If you still find the problem then you can do one thing and that is you need to uninstall it and then you need to try to find the same pack again but in the right version. 

The second thing that you can do in this is you can try it using a new folder. If the step that we mentioned above doesn’t work for you then there is another solution for you. In this method, all you need to do is you need to open up the folder of the pack. You need to open that pack that is not playing ball and after that, you need to copy each and every file in that folder. Once you will do this then you need to create a new folder on your desktop and then you need to paste everything into it.

After you will do this then you need to make sure that everything is working in the way as it should be. Them you can check it and the resource pack will pop up in the menu. This will solve your problem. Still, if the problem persists then there is another method for you.

In the third method, you need to uninstall and reinstall the pack. If you have followed the above two steps that we have told you then the next thing and the last thing you can do is you can uninstall the pack and after that, you can reinstall it. When you will do this you will get the resource pack from a different source. You will get a different resource because the pack that you have downloaded will be missing some elements that are how it works.

Once you will open the resource pack then there is another thing called texture packs and you can see them in the resource pack folder. For that, you need to open the resource pack folder and there you will see that but if you are unable to see that then you can follow some steps to make it visible for you. Firstly you need to open the texture pack that is not showing in the game it will contain one folder and you need to drag it into the resource pack inside that folder. With this, the resource pack will show up in your game. 

If you fail to do this way then you can do another thing and that is you need to open the texture pack that is not showing in the game and it will have three folders. After that, you need to create a new folder in the resource pack and after that, you need to drag all three files into the new folder. If you want to create the resource pack then you need to open the Minecraft game and then you need to go to options. After that you can go to resource packs options.

So this was all about the Minecraft resource pack not working. We have told you the reasons that can be behind it and also we told you the methods with which you can solve. So follow this and then your problem will be solved. Still, if there is any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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