Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding

Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding?

Are you also one of them whose villagers are not breeding and they are finding it hard to make them breed. Well, Minecraft has a whole different world in the game and amid everything, villages play a big role. You can do farming, trading and many such activities in the villages. You can do it according to your choice. You will never get tired of those things. So know here if your Minecraft Villagers not breeding in the game.

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You can easily make them breed and you can do that with the help of carrots, you can feed them and you can also provide the villagers with the houses where there will be beds and they can sleep on them. But they will only breed if they want to. For that, the players need to provide the villagers with enough facilities and need to comfort them. They need to make them happy and need to make them enter into the love mode.

There can be many reasons that can be behind why villagers stop breeding in Minecraft. As breeding villagers is not so easy as compared to breeding other animals. This will take more effort than the other. Once you will understand that then it will be easy for you to make them breed. You just need to find the right ways to do that.

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So if you are facing this problem then keep reading and know how you can solve this and make them breed in Minecraft. You will get here to know all the reasons that are causing that is responsible for them to breed.

Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding

There might be many reasons behind this but the most important can be that you have not given them proper food that is enough for them, or may not be a proper place to reside or habitat or maybe you are hindering their privacy. In order to make them breed you need to give them full privacy and also along with that a lot of food so that they can enter into the love mode easily.

You need to provide them with enough space and also enough beds to breed. For example, you need to have three beds in one room where two villagers are breeding as one will be for the baby that is bred out of them. Food is not enough to make them breed. 

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Another thing that you should be aware of in Minecraft is that those villagers who are unemployed will not breed in Minecraft. As those villagers have not earned enough capacity that they can breed in the game.

You need to encourage the villagers to make them breed and you can do that by making them happy. You need to provide them with enough food and you need to build a bed for them and the most important thing that you need to do here is you need to give the villagers full privacy as they will only breed when they are provided that. they will be bred in different ways.

Steps To Make Them Breed

In order to make them breed you need to follow certain steps and for that you need to find a village and then you can find that at random locations on the map. After that, you need to wait for some time in order to find a village. You can find that in a biome such as desert, plains, savannah, or a taiga. You need to find two villagers in the village.

After that, you need to build a structure in order to make them breed. Although this is optional for you this will help them to prevent them from wandering off. This will also protect them from hostile mobs and also many raiders. You need to have building materials that will be used to construct the structure. You can also provide beds for the villager and their offspring. 

There should be enough space for them to breed. Then the window coverings should have iron bars or glass. If the windows are not open then babies will escape. You need to craft three beds and then place them in the village or structure. They need beds for themselves and for the baby they are going to reproduce. Every villager will require a new bed. You can craft the beds with the help of a crafting table with the help of three wool blocks and three planks of wood.

After that, you need to gather two villagers that will be in close contact with each other. After that, you can build a structure that you can corral them, and then you can also wall off the entrance so that they will not be able to escape. You can simply move the villagers into them and you can motivate them to move in the right direction and you can transport them by boat and also on land.

You also need some food items for the villagers and for that, you need to maintain an inventory that will be independent and they should store their food in that. They will need three loaves of bread, twelve beetroots, twelve carrots, and twelve potatoes to breed. You need not travel far in order to gather these items and you can find these anywhere in the village. 

After that, you need to drop food at the villagers and you can drop them on the floor that will be next to the villagers that you gave them. They will be able to find that in their inventory and they will walk over it. When you will provide them with enough food then it will add proximity to breeding. You can drop the items that are in your inventory with the help of key Q. when you will press it then it will drag it outside your inventory when you will click it in your inventory.

Then you need to wait for the villagers to breed and when they will face each other then they will get to know that they are breeding and then their hearts will start to float around them. After that, a tiny villager will appear and then he will get mature in twenty minutes. 

You can also breed the two villagers with the profession and then they need to provide beds in order to breed them and also the other condition is they must be willing to mate. It is also possible for you to crossbreed Minecraft villagers and there is no limit to that. They can produce as much as they want. When they are provided with all the necessary conditions then they will enter into the love mode in their privacy.

So this was all about Minecraft villagers not breeding. We told you the reasons and the solution to that with which you can help them to breed. Still, if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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