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If you want to see Liam Neeson does more punches or turn over more cars, Then they’ll need to go to the theatre. Blacklight opens exclusive to movie theater from the 11th of February, and viewers can watch other films while waiting.

Top Movies Like Blacklight: Blacklight‘s story follows the arc of Neeson’s Travis Block, a government agent who tries to get the exposed criminals out of the field. However, for him, he’s discovered an apprehension of corruption from his citizens. The police are now after him, and he’s on the run. The story covers the same territory explored in action films of the past, many of which featured the leading actor. This makes it simple for viewers to choose from the same cinematic experience, whether they have Neeson or not.

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Movies Like Blacklight

Enemy Of The State (1998)

The Enemy of State followed the labor attorney Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) as he was framed as the killer of Congressman. With the assistance of an ex-intel agent, Dean must clear his name and bring the real culprit to justice.

Tony Scott had a way with his political thrillers, which is why Enemy of the State just might be one of his most memorable. It stars Will Smith at the height of his fame. The film is a mile-long romp with no way to know who you appear to be.

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The Candidate for the Manchurian Candidate (2004)

It’s not as thrilling as other films by Denzel Washington’s crime films; however, it’s still a great film. Manchurian Candidates an effective remake and among the top political thrillers from the early aughts. Washington is the character of major Ben Marco, a vet of the Gulf War whose memory just could have been erased to create a fake factual reality.

The Manchurian Candidate doesn’t go for the action-oriented set pieces that Blacklightdoes However, the notion of feeling unsafe to the state runs through both.

Man On Fire (2004)

The film Man on Fire follows Denzel Washington’s former CIA agent John Creasy as he takes what appears to be a simple job: acting as the bodyguard of a 9-year-old girl (Dakota Fanning). Creasy has to kill the kidnappers when she is abducted to bring her back to safety.

Although the film isn’t Tony Scott’s greatest movie, Man on Fire has its thrilling moments. Much like the latest Neeson film, its story includes corruption in the totem pole and several characteristics of the man-on-a mission action subgenre.

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Vantage Point (2008)

However, vantage Pointtold the story of an assassination attempt in a different manner. The film uses the viewpoint (vantage viewpoint) of a variety of people involved in the assassination. They are required to cooperate to discover who’s accountable and what motivated them to carry out the activities they did.

Blacklight tells that story from the point of view of Neeson’s character; however, it’s still a story of cover-ups, as well as general government intelligence. The concept is similar to that of Vantage Point may have a few flaws, but it’s not going to be a new concept in the genre of government thrillers. However, it’s a thrilling journey worth taking.

Taken (2008)

The Liam Neeson character Bryan Mills may be a criminal; however, his actions result from his soul being in the correct location. His daughter was seized in Europe, and the real possibility for her sale into sexual slavery in Mills’s mind.

This kind of attitude of a good man turning into a criminal to help those they love is the territory taken, and other actioners from the aughts were able to walk across. But, in Blacklight Blacklight, he is not only trying to save his daughter but his granddaughter too.

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

F. Gary Gray’s Law Abiding Citizentells two inexplicably interspersed main stories. The story centers around Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), whose wife and daughter have been killed during a home invasion that goes wrong. The justice system then tries to help his way, mostly thanks to a shaky legal decision made by the prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx).

Like Blacklight, Gray’s film features a protagonist who is betrayed by an arm of the government. But, the Law-Abiding citizen Shelton has more the appearance of a blatant villain. He’s gone through everything, so his need for revenge is understandable as well as palatable. However, he is crossing certain lineages. But Foxx’s Rice has also done similar things in the past and has to be more ethical. The contrast between both characters was what made the film an instant hit.

The Drive Angry (2011)

Drive Angry is an outlandish film, similar to some of the other theatrically-released Nicolas Cage movies from the early 2010s, like Season of the Witch (also 2011). The story follows the story of Cage’s John Milton, who has saved his daughter from cultists who are sadistic.

It’s not a masterpiece. It’s just the Filmworks as a thrilling theatre experience type of film even if there would not be many people in the theater when it was released. It also benefits William Fichtner’s hilarious role as The Accountant, the assistant of Satan.

The Furnace Out Of The Furnace (2013)

Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnaceskews more toward action than drama; however, it has the same underlying themes as Blacklight. Cooper’s film is based on Russell Baze (Christian Bale), a steelworker, and his Iraq veterans sister Rodney (Casey Affleck) is back home. However, he quickly gambles to pay off his outstanding obligations abroad. This only makes things worse, and Rodney is taken as a hostage until Russell gets him back.

The film Blacklightit’s Cooper, the federal agent who’s the one with a task, but Cooper’s blast furnace has to strike it from a sibling’s perspective. It’s an intense but uneven film with good-drawn characters, backed by impressive performances.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

The two Tom Cruise-led adaptations of Lee Child’s books are more of a cult film than the more well-known and acclaimed Mission: Impossible, with even the fans not knowing everything there is to learn regarding Jack Reacher. The plot in the sequel is like the one seen in the film Blacklight.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back features the main character who saves an Army major from being framed for the false allegations of treason made against her. Reacher might never be one being accused of treason; however, he and Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) are both government officials facing government corruption.

Let Him Go (2020)

Let He Go is an upcoming Neo-western drama film that tackles the issue of abduction. In the film, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane portray the roles of a husband and wife who are on the front lines of rescuing their loved ones.

The Costner-Lane movie shows them rescuing their son, like Neeson’s effort to save his granddaughter from Blacklight. In Let him go, the main characters are rescuing their grandson from a vicious and close-knit family called the Weboys, in contrast to Blacklight‘s federal and speakers.

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