Best Movies Like Contagion

movies like Contagion

Did you watch Contagion? What’s next? Don’t stop! Check out these films like Contagion in 2022 for a great time to be entertained.

Contagion came out during the weekend of September 11, 2011. It’s like Soderbergh consciously sounded warnings for the next big disaster to strike. A sad thought when the film’s storyline is a mirror to the lives we’re experiencing today.

It was not wildly popular when it was released; however, it received an explosion of interest in the last year because of its similarities and the at-the-times new and unrecognized COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Movies Like Contagion You Will Love to Watch

World War Z

Although Contagion is a grounded thriller, the tale of a pandemic shares many similarities with most zombie films. World War Z is one of the biggest zombie action films. It stars Brad Pitt as a government employee who travels the globe searching for the cure to a zombie outbreak that is threatening all of humanity.

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Train To Busan

It is a South Korean horror film Train to Busan is yet another zombie film that proves that it is a genre that has similarities to stories such as Contagion. The film takes place on a train that is heading towards Busan city. Busan, if a zombie outbreak can begin devouring the passengers.

The Crazies

If you’re looking for a lesser-known horror thriller, The Crazies is an excellent choice to watch since it also features the town of a small one being affected by a deadly virus. Timothy Olyphant plays a sheriff who finds out that a federal experiment that has gone wrong is turning people into insane killers.


A virus could destroy all humanity. Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci) and their twin brother Brian (Chris Pine), along with their companions Bobby (Piper Perabo) and Kate (Emily VanCamp), embark on a journey across the deserts of the Southwest in search of a way to avoid the deadly pandemic. In a few hours, four buddies realize that the darkness inside them could kill more than any other microbe.

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Light of My Life

A man attempts to shield his daughter from dangers in the world following a devastating plague that decimates the majority of women.

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