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These are the Movies Similar to NO EXIT

The thriller film “No Exit”, has the captivating story that keeps viewers glued to the next episode. But watching the same movie again and again doesn’t make any sense. That’s why, if you really found No Exit interesting, here are some movies like No Exit, that you should watch in 2022.

The story of No Exit centers around Darby, a recovering drug addict who is on her journey to visit her mother, hospitalized after the onset of a severe blizzard prompts her to refuge with a group of strangers in the middle of a high rest area up in the mountains. In search of a signal Darby ventures outside, and finds an abducted girl bound and imprisoned in an abandoned van belonging to one of the people in the. The narrative becomes more thrilling as Darby tries to determine who the kidnapper might be.

The thriller drama film is mostly based on rescue and mystery. It comprises several thrilling scenes that span the entire length of its duration. If you’re a fan of suspenseful films that leave you wondering “What will happen the next time?”, then we have some films that are cinematic and will interest you in the same way. Like ‘No Exit’, most of these movies can be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

5 Best Movies Like No Exit

The Hateful Eight (2015)

What happens when a room is packed with various strangers arriving from different locations, trying to seek shelter from the icy winter storm outside? It’s like the opening scene of ‘No Exit’ isn’t it? It’s true that the plot of “The Hateful Eight” is based on the same concept.

The story is set in the aftermath of the Civil War this drama about a mystery is focused on the hunter who is a bounty hunter, and his capture, and finding refuge in a room full of criminal and bizarre characters amid a raging snowstorm. The blizzard-themed storyline, along with characters trapped in a crowd of strangers is what makes the films alike.

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Do not breathe (2016)

“Don’t Breathe” is a thriller film that centers around three buddies entering the home of a blind man in hopes of escaping with a huge fortune. But, things spiral out of control after discovering that the blind owner isn’t so helpless as it appears. 

Therefore, the group must discover a way out before the situation gets more dire. Similar to ‘No Exit “Don’t Breathe” also features the characters trapped in a room. One of the characters isn’t who they are.

Along Came a Spider (2001)

Psychotherapist and detective Alex Cross is drawn to investigate a case even though his heart is still grieving for the passing of his friend when a senator’s daughter gets taken from a private institution. 

The thing that makes this an exciting investigation for Cross and the viewers is that the kidnapper wants to be dealt with by Alex personally. 

Like “No Exit,” this thriller also has to deal with the issues of a loved one of the protagonist, namely the loss of his companion in this instance. In “No Exit,” the protagonist’s mother has been admitted to the hospital with a serious situation, making the story quite like that.

Kidnap (2017)

In full accord with the title”Kidnap” is an engaging story of Karla’s mother who has made it her task to find her missing son. The nanny instinct of her son gets way of her, which makes her reluctant to give her son’s life to someone else’s care. Karla is caught in a race for her life against time, and she begins the pursuit to save her son and find the kidnappers.

While this movie is about a mother who chases an abductor, unlike “No Exit,” in which the protagonist isn’t her child’s mother kid, they share the same story of chasing. The first film is chasing the kidnappers who took her child, while they chase the truth to discover who the kidnapper is. The intrigue of both movies is sufficiently intense to keep viewers in their seats all the time.

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Run (2020)

Chloe is a homeschooled teen who suffers from various ailments because she was born prematurely. She has a mother named Diane Sherman, who appears to be devoted to her daughter quickly transforms into a different persona when she suspects whether she’s hiding dark secrets from her. 

Although Chloe is at home because of her illness, it’s like she was in the hands of her mother. By binding her hands in metaphor with her so-called “affection” and securing her in a closed area, it is easy to imagine the van that Darby discovers the kidnapped child in the film ‘No Exit’.

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