Naomi Jones Murder

Naomi Jones Murder: Where is Robert Howard Now?

If Naomi Jones was reported missing from her Escambia County, Florida, home, authorities wanted to find her. However, the situation changed dramatically a few following the discovery of her body, which was located five miles from her house. Investigation Discovery’s “True Conviction: The Decline of Innocence The film chronicles the death of Naomi and describes how the investigation brought the culprit to justice. Let’s look in-depth at this fascinating investigation and discover where Naomi’s killer is today, will we?

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How Did Naomi Jones Die?

When she was killed, Naomi Jones was just 12 years old, and her death was truly the light of her entire family’s existence. The people she loved dearly described her as a fun and fun-loving girl who loved to greet people with smiles. She was also an outstanding student and had many ambitious goals that she couldn’t wait to realize. The tragic loss of her life stunned the community, and Naomi is greatly missed until this day.

Naomi and her entire family lived within their home in the Aspen Village Apartments in Escambia County, Florida, from where she disappeared. The family of Naomi reported her disappearance on May 31st, 2017, which opened the doorway for an enormous search-and-rescue effort. Police officials and residents from the area searched across a vast three-mile area in search of the girl missing. In addition, police investigated a variety of suggestions and took part in many interviews.

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On June 5th, 2017, local fishermen were searching for the perfect fishing spot on Eight Mile Creek, about five miles from the victim’s home, and came across Naomi’s body. They promptly notified authorities. At first glance, police observed bruising on the right arm and leg. They also noticed a piece of duct tape with a plastic material appeared to be sticking to her hair. A subsequent medical examination revealed ethanol in her system, but the autopsy could not identify the reason for her death. But, as per the search warrant application from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, her death could have been caused by asphyxiation.

Who Killed Naomi Jones?

The initial investigation had several problems as people were puzzled about why anyone would want to target an 11-year-old. There was no eyewitness account or evidence that could be used to prove the case; police struggled to come up with a suspect list, even after conducting several conversations with Naomi’s friends. But, the officers who inspected the crime scene realized that CCTV cameras of local businesses were covering the area of the creek where the body of the victim was discovered. In order to obtain a warrant for the footage, law enforcement officials were able to watch hours of footage of the night Naomi vanished to find something that was suspicious.

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Their persistence eventually resulted in the police spotting an unidentified car in the region. The vehicle was located at Robert Letroy Howard, and officers discovered that the suspect was located close to Naomi’s residence. In the belief that he was involved in the murder, police arrested Howard and began to question him about the murder of Naomi. Under interrogation, Howard admitted to murdering the twelve-year-old. He admitted to having murdered Naomi and then tossed her from the bridge. So, with a confession on the table, the authorities finally were able to indict Robert for the murder of Naomi.

Where is Robert Letroy Howard Now?

While Robert’s defense attempted to overturn his admission, the judge’s decision on the issue confirmed that the police officers legally obtained the confession. But, after being brought to the courtroom, Howard insisted on his innocence and claimed not guilty. But the jury could not accept his plea and instead found him guilty of murder first-degree. In light of the verdict, Howard was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole until 2021. So, with no possibility of parole being short, Robert remains still incarcerated in the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution Annex located in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

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