19 Tips and Tricks to Play PUBG Mobile Like A Pro – Get SSS Rating Every time

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Who doesn’t want to get chicken dinner in Pubg Mobile? 

Getting a chicken dinner simply means the addition of points in a current tier. Most of us may win the match but sometimes, we are not able to do even 2 kills. Why? Because of a lack of game sense and skills.

Now, the question is, How to improve our Pubg Mobile skills so that we not only do chicken dinner but also get maximum kills during gameplay?

Well, there are about 20 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that will definitely help you to become an amazing PUBG Mobile gamer. Use these tricks to find better loot, perfect PUBG locations, and survive till the end.

Beginner+Advanced 2021 Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks – From Bronze To Conqueror(Part II)

You might find some below-listed techniques useless but let me tell you that all these are really important for better gameplay and will improve your Pubg Mobile skills. We always neglect these small things which sometimes result in a huge minus in the game.

Landing points

Choosing the perfect landing site is one of the main Pubg Mobile tips and tricks. The choice of landing site will depend on whether you are comfortable with firefights and are looking to get the best loot, or if you are planning to play stealthily and meet fewer players.

  • More loot, more competition:
  • Military base (south of the map)
  • Prison (eastern edge of the map)
  • Mansion (just above the prison)
  • Mylta Power (southeast of the prison)
  • More loot, less competition:
  • School (center of the map, but often dangerous)
  • Severny (north of the map)
  • Pochinki (Middle of map)
  • Decent loot, almost no competition
  • Bunkers near ‘Refugio’ – my favorite place to land.

Positioning in the final moments

When you’re near chicken dinner, the circle is usually quite small, and one wrong positioning mistake could send you back to the lobby.

Correct PUBG Mobile Settings

Before getting into a game, there are a couple of settings that you should check and adjust for better performance and make it easier to score kills.

Select Third Person View or First Person View

The latest PUBG Mobile update has allowed players to choose between first-person view and third-person view. So, before entering into the match, you can choose between ‘TPP’ (third person) or ‘FPP’ (first person).

Adjust the graphics quality

Adjust the graphics quality according to the capabilities of your phone. PUBG Mobile does this automatically, but if you feel like your game is lagging or dropping frames, you can lower it even further, and vice versa. Higher graphics quality settings will definitely make it easier to spot other enemies.

Setting graphics settings to Smooth+Extreme may consume battery but it’s always recommended for smoother and better gameplay. If you are an Android user and your device doesn’t support high settings, you should browse here to get extreme or 90 fps settings.

Activate Peek and Fire

Under Settings (the settings gear in the upper right corner), go to Basic. Here, activate ‘Peek & Fire’. This allows you to look from behind, allowing you to take photos without exposing yourself too much. Keep in mind that it will still expose your head, so use it with caution.

Check if aim assist is activated

Check that ‘Aim Assist’ is activated to facilitate aiming. Aiming assistance is required on a touchscreen phone (usually) because pointing at a touchscreen is not as accurate as pointing with a mouse. A punctual objective will help you eliminate enemies faster and will also help you in close-range firefights.

Enable the fire button on the left side

Enable the ‘left-Side Fire’ button from In Settings > Basic, to easily shoot with the left hand while aiming with the right. This is very useful for long-range shots. Without the left side fire button, you will find yourself aiming and shooting with the same hand, which, trust me, is really difficult.

Enable Automatically Opening Doors

Also within Settings > Basic: Enable ‘Automatically open doors’ to quickly enter buildings without having to constantly touch the door button. Note that you will have to touch the button to close the door.

Adjust the size and position of the controls

Another important Pubg pro tips 2021 includes a good control setup. Head to Settings > Controls > Customize, and adjust the size and position of the controls according to your needs. For example, I’ve made the grenade button a bit bigger to make it easier to touch, and I’ve moved the fire button on the left side to where my left thumb naturally drops, so I can shoot even faster.

Play on the edge

If you have a long-range, position yourself at the boundary of the play area where the blue circle is closest to white. This will give you a complete view of the playing area, while greatly reducing the chances of a player being behind you.

Shoot to kill

If you see someone and they haven’t seen you, only fire the shot if death is guaranteed, otherwise you’ll end up giving away your position. As you’ve seen them, you’ve got plenty of time to take the perfect shot – aim for the head and fire in bursts until the player dies.

Do not go with firearms

If there are only two other people left alive, stay hidden and let them fight, and then kill the only player left.

Mute annoying teammates

You can mute your teammates by clicking on the speaker icon. Among all the names of your teammates, just tap the speaker icon next to the teammate you want to mute. Now focus on the game.

Hide vehicles inside

Sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle keeps you out of the way, allowing you to hide inside without alerting other players to your presence. They will still be able to see it, but unless you park your vehicle in the middle of the desert, there is no reason for most players to suspect that a player may be sitting inside a vehicle and not driving it.

Look around without moving

You can hide behind corners and use the “eye button” to look around the corner without exposing yourself. This is a useful trick that can help you spot enemies without letting them see you.

Heal like a pro

While he is healing, he can move for 0.5 seconds without canceling the action. When in a hurry, start moving when you have 0.5 seconds of healing left, giving you a head start. This is useful when the circle is closing behind you and you need to run quickly, or when you are taking a short healing break in the middle of a firefight.

Use energy drinks and pain relievers

Energy drinks and pain relievers heal you automatically for a period of time, and they also give you a speed boost, so use them frequently and as needed. Most healing kits like bandages and health packs won’t heal you more than 75%. Only the medicine cabinet can heal you up to 100% and that is very rare. Energy drinks and pain relievers take their time to heal you, but they will get you 100%, so make sure you use them often.

Do not stand still, you will be a sitting duck

Staying too long will easily win you a sniper; always keep moving and take cover whenever you need to stop. The battlefield in PUBG always has a group of players with snipers, and many of these players are good enough to take you out with a single head hit. So keep moving.

All these BGMI and Pubg Mobile tips and tricks 2021 will definitely help you to get better and better at Pubg.

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