Oculus Games For Kids

While Oculus claims that you need to be a minimum 13 years old to play with the Quest, there’s some disagreement about whether it is appropriate for children to play with virtual reality.

We’re all aware that there may be problems, and the technology isn’t around long enough to understand the long-term effects of using VR for children. In addition to the novelty, ethical concerns come with conducting any tests on children. So, unfortunately, we’re going to learn as we go.

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5 Best Oculus Games For Kids

The Journey Of The Gods

Journey of the Gods is an VR first-person action-adventure game that is similar to The Legend of Zelda with an array of combat and puzzles. With stripped-back role-playing game (RPG) elements You must fight in this fashion-forward land, killing any foe using the most powerful weapons available.

Sports Scramble

Sports Scramble is an innovative approach to multiplayer VR gaming and is now available via the Oculus Quest, RIFT, and the RIFT S! Publisher. Armature. Oculus Studios. Platforms. Please choose your favorite sports and combine them! Enjoy Tennis at the Golf Club. Make a strike using a Basketball.

Technically speaking, there’s a variety of other mixed games. When you first begin playing tennis using an oversized birdie from badminton, it is much more badminton-based than tennis.

Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels

The game is easy when a player playing VR is able to assume the character of a tree, fighting against a group of rival squirrels who are trying to recover golden acorns that have been lost in return to their home base. Between 2 and 8 players can choose to play in the form of squirrels that are controlled by iOS or Android smartphones.

A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale is a virtual reality game that was developed in 2019 by Innerspace VR and released via Vertigo Games. The game takes place in a recursive universe where the player plays the role of a fisherman at the lighthouse.

A Fisherman’s Tale is a puzzle adventure. As with other similar titles It’s not terribly lengthy, running around three hours. The character you play as is a lighthouse guardian The majority of the story occurs in a cramped interior of a cluttered and messy cabin.

Fail Factory

Get lost in a zany robot factory as you work your way up the corporate ladder from humble intern to a coveted superstar employee. In a hilarious scene of ever-growing chaos, you must remain on the right track with a growing absurdity when you manage different assembly lines through many mini-games. In a physics-based free-of-cost playground, you will experience three primary kinds of mini-game stations, each with the aim to assist the factory in building robots in a huge scale.

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The lesson is that we must take a step back and be cautious when it comes to the age at which they are and how long we let them use it and how often and in what type of experience we would like for them to be accustomed to first-person virtual reality environments.

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