Our Flag Means Death Finale Ending & Recap Explained

Our Flag Means Death

‘ Our Flag Means Death begins as a spoof of sorts on the glory days of pirates; however, as the series grows, it transforms into something original and exceptional. Spoofs that are well-crafted are always in fashion. HBO Max is a good example. HBO Max series works within the boundaries of the genre but can introduce elements that challenge the popular tropes of the genre.

For instance, the show uses same-sex romance, which is generally negative connotation within the field — in positive ways. The story with the subject is even the main story by the end of this season. Here’s everything you must know about it. Beware of spoilers in the future.

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Our Flag Means Death Episode 9, Finale Recap

In episode 9, titled “Act of Grace,” Chauncey questions the Revenge team about the death of his younger brother. Blackbeard ( Taika Waititi) attempts to claim that he is the one to murder Nigel. However, Chauncey does not believe him. Steve’s (Rhys Darby) journal is discovered, and the journal entries within it — even if absurd and exaggerated provide a few true versions. In the end, convinced that he’s just caused pain and death in an attempt to escape from the monotony of his life, Stede confesses to murdering Nigel.

Both Stede and Blackbeard are to be a part of the firing squad. However, Izzy can convince Chauncey to allow his captain to be released to his care. When Stede is set to be executed, Blackbeard invokes the Act of Grace, a declaration issued by King George which states that he will grant pardon to anyone who abandons their criminal life to defend his British crown in its fight against Spain. Recognizing that the man he believes murdered his brother has escaped from his grasp, Chauncey has a mental crisis and is detained at the hands of his police officers.

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See Blackbeard and Stede Blackbeard are later transferred for further training at Blackbeard is then sent to Royal Privateering Academy for Wayward Seamen. In the academy, Blackbeard further embraces his character’s “Ed” aspect. The two men become closer and, then one day, relaxing on the beach, they kiss. Blackbeard has the idea of getting away from the academy and heading to China. Stede even accepts it.

But, in the evening, when they’re supposed to get away, Chauncey comes to confront Stede and kills himself. Stede’s family has been on his thoughts for some time. After the death of Chauncey’s son, Stede re-evaluates his life and decides to return with his loved ones. While he is grieving, Blackbeard returns to his former home in the form of “the Revenge” and reverts to his former self.

In episode 10, titled “Wherever You go, You Are,’ he even throws Lucius off the ship, which could kill Lucius. He slits off Izzy’s pinky toe and forces him to eat it to serve as an act of warning. Then he can imprison Jim and demands that Frenchie do his work. Blackbeard also takes the rest of the team from The Revenge on a small, isolated island.

The sudden return of Stede isn’t well-received by his relatives. The children of Stede don’t know Stede, and Mary appears to have left. She joined a society of widows and has made new friends. She also has discovered an interest in painting. Mary is also involved in a relationship with her art teacher Doug.

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What is the reason Mary tries to kill Stede? What is the reason why Stede pretends to be dead?

Our Flag Means Death

Steve’s sudden return causes Mary’s life to spiral into chaos. Based on advice from a family member, she even sets out to murder him, sticking the skewer in his ear. Fortunately for Stede the next morning, he awakes just in time to stop her. At the school, Stede learns that he is declared dead. Since his departure, Mary has built a life for her with her two children, and her husband has no longer had an opportunity to be part of it.

If Stede abandoned his home and family to be a pirate, it hurt Mary. However, Mary has grown past the pain. She is now aware that Stede was, in fact, right in his assertion that they each have a right to love each other throughout their life. Following her disappearance, she’s discovered it with Doug. This, along with her confidence in herself, is lost by Stede.

After having survived the attempt of his killer, Stede realizes that he has to disappear out of the family’s lives again — this time, permanently. He guarantees Mary and his children be the sole beneficiaries of his wealth before he fakes his death. This deed liberates his family members and allows them to go back to the sea. He isn’t aware of Blackbeard’s transformation but is sure to discover the truth when he saves his friends from the island that Blackbeard has abandoned them.

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Will Stede Blackbeard and Stede Blackbeard Meet?

The love story of Stede and Blackbeard may be out of the unexpected in the eyes of some. However, there was some progress in prior episodes, specifically episode 8. Calico Jack discusses his past relationship with Blackbeard and discloses to Stede that they were sexual relations. In spoofs, innuendoes that suggest the existence of a relationship with a similar sex partner are frequently utilized to provoke laughter. The creators of ‘Our Flag Means Death‘ took this idea and changed it to the upside.

Stede, as well as Blackbeard, are real lovers. They accept the eccentricities of each other and encourage their individuality. The bond will grow in the future seasons. For now, the two are apart. Blackbeard has returned to his previous, brutal method, at the very least, outwardly. We witness the scene in which he is crying. This is why he’s held on to the embers of his humanity.

In the past, Blackbeard betrayed Stede, and both perished in the hands of British authorities. The deaths of violent nature were not uncommon among pirates. It will be fascinating to see if the fictional versions of these two larger-than-life individuals can escape their fate and enjoy a bit of happiness.

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