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Outlander: Is Tom Christie Malva’s Father? Theories

Season 6 of the Starz historical drama “Outlander” focuses on the arrival of Thomas Christie, his daughter Malva Christie, and the son Allan Christie in Fraser’s Ridge.

Despite their turbulent relationship with the Christie family in the past, Jamie is delighted to welcome Tom along with his loved ones members to his new home together with a group of people who accompany the Christies. in episode 3 of season 6; Tom has an operation performed on the right side of his hand.

He discloses his personality to Claire and his surgeon. Tom’s strange behavior triggers suspicions from Claire about his past and his family. When Claire questions Jamie about her birth Malva, the baby, you consider whether Tom is her father. Let’s discover! There are spoilers ahead.

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Does Tom Christie Malva’s Dad?

After the procedure, Claire asks Tom to stay overnight in her home to check his health. In the evening, she returns for a check-up to ask Tom to keep away from her. Attracted by his behavior, Claire becomes doubtful that Tom dislikes women. Maybe thinking that Tom’s behavior could be related to his wife’s death, Claire asks Jamie whether Tom was in Ardsmuir prison when Malva was born. The ambiguity between the dates of the birth of Malva and Tom’s prison time is a source of confusion for Claire. , On her side, Jamie informs her that Malva may have been born into The New World upon Tom’s second marriage.

Jamie’s speculation turns out to be false when Malva claims she is from Scotland. Because Jamie realizes that the formerly imprisoned Tom could not be Malva’s father, Malva begins to believe Claire’s fears. If you’re wondering if Claire and Jamie’s concerns are true, the answer lies in the Outlander novels written by Diana Gabaldon, the source text of the TV show.

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The novel’s protagonist, the father of Malva, is Edgar and Tom’s brother. After Tom was imprisoned at Ardsmuir, Tom’s wife Mona began having an affair extramarital with Edgar. The affair led to the birth for the birth of Malva. After Mona was hanged in the murder of Edgar, Malva and Allan were entrusted to Edgar’s wife.

When Ardsmuir has shut the doors, Tom had to be transported back into America to work as an indentured employee. He was awed by the kindly Mr. Everett, who helped Tom transfer Malva along with Allan from Edinburgh to South Carolina from Edinburgh. Although Malva isn’t his daughter, Tom began to care for her without disclosing the identity of her father.

But, Tom fails to separate the unfaithful memories of his wife from Malva, which leads him to punish her often daily for minor things. While they are in Fraser’s Ridge, Tom punishes Malva for showing “witch-like characteristics” that he observed in her mother before her stint at Ardsmuir.

Mona’s relationship and Edgar and Malva’s “sinful birth” might have impacted a holy man like Tom very much. The past wounds may cause Tom to dislike women, as Claire is skeptical. Tom’s anger at his former wife surfaces when he slaps Malva for no reason. When Claire presents him with a scandalous novel to read to provide a distraction, the memory of the woman he loved and who was a fan of these novels and reread them forces him to read the book with fury. Tom’s life has drastically changed due to the birth of Malva, and he is afflicted with the consequences of unjust punishments.

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As the reality about Malva’s father remains to be revealed during the series, there is a good chance that the tensions she has with Tom will persist under the watchful eye of Claire and Jamie. If Malva remains Claire’s assistant, then the punishments she faces from Tom could not stop anytime soon.

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