Outriders Patch Notes

Outriders Patch Notes (All Updates) Officially – 2021

Outriders update is available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. The game’s creator Square Enix also released the official Outriders patch notes for players. Based on the updated change log, the most recent Outriders update introduced a variety of quality of life enhancements, modifications, tweaks, and much more.

Recently, the game launched with praise from the public. Since the game’s launch, players have faced numerous problems.

Outriders New Horizon Update Patch Notes November 16th, 2021

Headline Changes:

  • Timers from the Expedition Timers were removed
  • Four New Expeditions are Added
  • Transmog System Addition of Transmog System
  • Tiago’s Store has been Reworked
  • Legendary Loot Drops and Farming Info and Updates
  • Modifications of Legendary Sets
  • Modifications to Mods and Bug Corrections
  • Modifications in Class Trees and Bug Corrections
  • Changes to Skills, as well as Bug Solutions
  • The Stadia version is now able to play with other platforms.

General Modifications:

  • The video you see when the game launches Outriders can now be skipped across all platforms, except PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • Eye of the Storm is now available. Eye of the Storm now comes with a pick-and-choose Legendary rewards item.
  • Add a Quick Mark functionality to Vendors.
  • Enhances the readability of Mod descriptions, particularly when viewing them on a large TV as well as a Monitor. This change means that certain information can now be viewed in the Details window instead of the Quick View window.
  • We are reducing the volume of background sound on certain loading and menu screens.
  • Introduced a minimum damage threshold in the Brood Mother’s “Perforate” capability. This will ensure that the ability doesn’t have an excessively large gap in its max and min damage output.
  • The Heir in the Desert configuration is now played as the Assault Rifle (as intended and described) instead of a Submachine Gun.

Bug Corrections General:

  • It fixed a progress blocker in the “Mentor” main quest, preventing a cutscene from being activated.
  • A bug was fixed that could cause Alpha Perforo’s from CC (such as the Frozen and Ash Status effects) in the event of staggered.
  • It corrected a bug that had prevented an issue that prevented the “Heart of the Wild” expedition from progressing if the Venomous Perforo became the final opponent to die in one of the combats.
  • They corrected a glitch within the “Chem Plant” Expedition that could cause the player’s primary weapon to modify their secondary weapon if they switched weapons while using the lever.
  • A bug was fixed that caused the final Expeditions Summary screen not to show the correct numbers of the “Damage Blocked” stat “Damage Blocked” stat.
  • A bug was fixed, which could cause the FOV to reset under certain circumstances on the PC.
  • Problems with in-game invitations not received in certain circumstances.
  • Other bug and crash fixes for various other bugs and crashes.

Mods Fixes for Bugs:

  • Correction of a glitch in the “Moaning Winds” mod to cause different damage to Host and Client. The Mod was previously activating two times for players playing Client. The damage to the Client will now be equal to the damage to the Host.
  • A bug was fixed to stop mods in armor from scaling correctly according to the armor’s level when it was updated via Zahedi. This bug was previously fixed itself following an area transition.
  • It corrected a glitch in an issue that caused the “Even Odds” mod to stack 5 times instead of the three stated times.
  • Modified”Armor Boost” mod “Armor Enhance” mod to ensure that it scales according to the item of armor it’s in, instead of scaling with the level of the player and stopping at level 30.
  • It corrected a bug that caused the “Emergency Stance” mod to not work if the damage incident that activated the Mod resulted in “Knockback” to the user.
  • A bug was fixed in an issue with the “Anomaly Mutation” mod to not result in the Burn or Slow status as originally intended.
  • A bug was fixed in the “Bullet Absorption” Mod to replenish 80% of Ammo instead of the 40% intended Ammo.
  • A problem was fixed that could result in frames (FPS) drops when it was used in conjunction with the “Damage Link” mod was when combined in conjunction with the “Pain Transfer” mod.
  • A bug was fixed that could cause the armor mod of Pyromancer “Phoenix Force” to not boost Anomaly Power after consuming an unspecified status.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed Borrowed Time to stack. It’s a bonus for infinitely long periods if the “Armor of Eons” and “Short Term Loan” mods were combined and then spammed.

Skills Fixes for Bugs:

  • Corrected a glitch that could trigger an issue that could cause Tricksters “Hunt The Prey” ability to lock up in certain situations.
  • “Impale” Skill of the Devastator “Impale” ability does not block Obelisks in their ability to continue to attack when an impaled enemy is there.
  • The description of “Endless Mass” is now accompanied by the Slow status effect it can cause.
  • Corrected a bug that could hinder this Technomancer “Cold Snap” ability from freezing enemies when activated while the player was rolling off of an edge.
  • Corrected a bug that can cause Technomancer Turrets to drop through the ground when thrown too low or high.
  • Add the icons of”Cryoturret” and added the icon for “Cryo Turret” skill to Technomancer’s “Engineer” and “Senior Engineer” class nodes. The nodes already affected”Cryo Turret” skill “Cryo Turret” ability in other ways.

Bug Solutions to Class Nodes

  • A bug was fixed that caused being able to use the Pyromancer “Gifted” Node in the class not awarding bonuses correctly.

Outriders Patch Notes – – October 18, 2021

– Supports crossplay when using the Windows Store

– Corrects a bug in the game that led to Scrap Grenade and Grand Opening Mods to trigger every shot.

The Outriders Patch notes – September 28th, 2021

  • A bug was fixed that could cause players to stumble when entering the lake drained during the third encounter with enemies within the Scorched Lands expedition.
  • Corrected an issue that can make the game slow down when playing with Crawlers in combat during Expeditions
  • Fixing an issue causing the make matchmaking’s privacy settings to change setting to “Open.” The privacy setting must be “Closed” when it is set. This should further decrease AFK matchmaking.
  • The added the AFK condition for users who are on friends lists.
  • Corrected a glitch that caused clients’ shots to occasionally cause no harm to enemies.
  • Improved the visibility of brood mothers. Surge AOE limit of skill.
  • Modified the behavior of Devastator’s Impale so that the game can detect the dead enemies who have been impaled before they go away.
  • ” Reflecting Bullets,” a Devastator’s “Reflect Bullets” skill, will protect you from Sciathan attack with projectiles.
  • Corrected a glitch that caused the Pyromancer’s Phoenix Nesling ability to replenish 100% instead of 50% of health playing Multiplayer.
  • Corrected a glitch that caused players to be teleported back to cover when they used Thermal Bomb shortly before exiting the cover.
  • Corrected a bug hindering players from reviving themselves or other players after using the Trickster’s Borrowed-Time skill.
  • Corrected a bug that might hinder Devastators from dodging consistently if they used Auto Reflect mod active. Auto Reflect mod active.
  • A bug was fixed that could result in some of the Plague Sower, and The Cannonball Legendary Sets not keeping their bonus from the set after a switch.
  • It corrected a glitch that caused The Technomancer’s Plague Sower reward to fail to work regularly.
  • They corrected a bug that can make certain mods, such as “Grand Opening,” to not function when the user was in the last issue of their magazine.
  • A bug was fixed that could trigger certain ammo-related mods to keep their effects even after being replaced, leading to unbalanced gameplay. The issue was previously resolved upon your return to your lobby. Mods affected included Brain Eater, Clip of Amalthea, Perpetuum Mobile, Vampiric Mag, Toxic Lead Reforging Bullets.
  • Correction of a bug that permitted”Unstoppable Force” to be stacked with “Unstoppable Force” on top of the Mod.
  • A bug was fixed that could result in shards of metal invested in sidearms or second primary weapons to trigger inconsistent behavior when used as the primary weapon.
  • Solution to a problem that stopped secondary characters from collecting Journal Entries if an earlier character had already collected them.
  • Crash fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

Outriders Patch Notes from August 31st 2021

* The visibility has been improved for the Brood Moms Surge AOE skill limit.

* Corrected a glitch that prevented players from being revived by other players following the Trickster’s Borrowed time skill.

• Resolved a bug that could cause the game to slow down when fighting Crawlers in combat during Expeditions.

* Solved an issue that caused players to stumble when entering the lake drained during the third encounter with enemies during the Scorched Lands expedition.

* Fixed an issue that stopped secondary characters from collecting Journal Entries if another character had already collected them.

* Solved an issue that could force the matchmaking privacy settings in default setting in “Open.” The privacy setting must remain “Closed” when it is set. This will help reduce AFK matchmaking.

* Adds to the list of AFK status for those on friends lists.

* Changed the behavior of Devastator’s Impale to ensure that the game can detect the dead enemies who have been impaled before they vanish.

“Reflect Bullets” Skill of the Devastator “Reflect Bullets” Skill will now defend against Sciathan-related projectile attacks.

Fixed a bug that prevented Devastators from continuously dodging if they used activated the Auto Reflect mod active.

* Corrected a glitch which could cause client-shots to cause a few times no harm to enemies.

* Corrected a glitch that could have caused Technomancer’s Plague Sower set bonus to not be able to function regularly.

* Corrected a bug that could have caused an issue that could cause the Plague Sower or the legendary Cannonball sets not to keep their bonus following a change.

* Fixed a problem that caused certain mods, such as “Grand Opening,” to not function when the user was using the last issue of their magazine.

* Crash Repairs

• Other bug fixes fixes

Outriders Patch Notes August 12th 2021

Patch Notes

  • Crash Repairs
  • Better multiplayer, so that the loss of packets and rubberbanding will be less for players who are less than 350ms
  • The Anti-duplication software will no longer consider your items when determining whether it is necessary to roll a duplicate.
  • A bug was fixed, which could cause the Pyromancer’s Thermal Bomb to drop all its charges and begin a full cooldown if the player was ruled during the process of casing the Skill.
  • The targeting has been improved for the Venator’s Knife of Trickster to effectively target a player’s target opponent.
  • Corrected an issue that can make the trickster’s Hunt the Prey not make the player turn towards the enemy’s back when aiming down the sights right after activation.
  • The Technomancer’s Borealis Monarch Set so that can now provide an increase of 90% in damage to targets that are frozen.
    • Note: The bonus set applies to all frozen targets regardless of the method in which the targets have been frozen.
  • The issue was resolved that was causing problems with the Statue Set of the Devastator Statue Set and changed its description to be more consistent with its behavior.
    • A New Title is
      • If Tremor or Golem is active, boost your firepower by 100 percent and increase the Life Leech of Weapons by 100 percent for yourself as well as your teammates.
    • It was the Old Name:
      • The use of either Tremor or Golem boosts your Firepower by 100% and Length of Life for Weapons by 100 percent, both for yourself and your team.
      • The previous system was that this Statue set bonus would end after only 8 seconds. The new set of rules means that the bonus is kept for a longer period.
  • A bug was fixed that could trigger low damage thresholds immediately following death or respawning.
  • Corrected an issue in which players with a level 50 may appear to be level 1 when they are in a group. It is important to note that this issue might remain visible in the lobby.
  • Corrected some subtitles that were out of sync.



  • Feed the Flames
    • The Ammo replenished by the Bullet Absorption mod has been increased to 40 percent (Previously it was 33 percent)
  • Volcanic Rounds
    • The Resistance debuff that comes with the Susceptibility mod has been increased to 50%. Susceptibility Modification has been raised to 50 percent (Previously 34 percent)
    • It appears that the “Reload boost” and “Lava Shots” Mods have had their benefits changed.
    • Reload Boost can now boost Anomaly Power (Previously the Firepower was increased)
    • Lava Shots will now increase the power of fire. (Previously Anomaly Power)
  • Ash Blast
    • Ash blast’s base cooldown was reduced to 4 seconds, the difference being 27.5 to 23.5 seconds.
    • The duration of the buff for this Death Sentence mod has been increased by 3 seconds from 5 to 8 seconds.


  • Time to borrow Time
    • The cooldown time in Borrowed Time by 5.5 seconds to 13.5 minutes to eight seconds
  • Slow Trap
    • The cooldown time of Slow Trap has been reduced by 9.7 seconds from 30.7 seconds to 21 seconds.
  • Time Rift
    • The timer in Time Rift has been reduced by 3.4 seconds from 15.4 seconds to 12.
    • Increased the damage to DOT of”A Little Bit of Pain” mod “A Small Bit of pain” Mod by 70 percent (from the base 0.35 (AP) to 0.6 0.36 AP)
    • Reduced the duration of”A Little Bit Of Pain” mod “A Little Bit of A Little Bit Of” Mod to six seconds (Previously 10 seconds).)
    • The Armour and Resistance debuff provided by the “Time Crack” mod to 35 percent (Previously 25 percent)
    • The Weapon Cleave damage to be able to be attributed to”Pain Transfer” mod “Pain Transfer” mod to 20 20% Weapon Damage (Previously 10 percent Weapon Damage)


  • Pain Launcher
    • The base cooldown for Pain Launcher by 10 seconds from 40 seconds to just 30 seconds.
  • Scrapnel
    • Reduced the base cooldown for Scrapnel five seconds from 22 seconds to just 17 seconds.
    • Increased the damage base from Scrapnel by 19 percent (from the base 0.756 APT to 0.9AP)
  • Cryo Turret
    • Hail Shot mod has had its SPF set to 1.5. Hail Shot mod has had its SPF set to 1.5 (Previously it was 1.)
      • SPF regulates the extent to which this Mod gains of its Status Power attribute. This effectively means that the amount of damage offered through Hail Shot will increase by 50%, however the efficiency of this enhancement is dependent on the attribute that character’s Status Power has.


  • Boulderdash
    • Utilizing the Skill will offer significant (65 percent) damage reduction during its animation
    • Players can now trigger to trigger an AOE attack in the run animation
  • Endless Mass
    • The enemies who are affected through Endless Mass can now be damaged and killed in the animation
    • Modified”Wide Horizons” mod “Wide Horizons” mod so that in addition to the increase in range, the Mod can allow Endless Mass to ignore the enemy’s ability “Absorbing Skin” used by Alpha Perforos and Brood Mothers
  • Reflect Bullets
    • If you finish the Skill earlier, it can now be credited with a portion or all of the cooling down (up to 90 percent)
    • Universal Buffs

Armor Mod buffs

  • Personal Space will have its damage reward raised from 15% to 25 percentage.
  • Critstack will have its Anomaly Power boost increase by 21 percent (from the base 5.79 to 7.)
  • Stand Tall will have its base Firepower bonus increase by 20% and its Base Anomaly Power by 16%. (From starting at 10-FIREPOWER or 15 Anomaly Power up to 12-FIREPOWER and 17.5 Anomaly Power)
  • Perseverance Shield will have its base shield value increase by 40 percent (From the base value of 25 up to)
    • Note This patch will solve a glitch where Perseverance Shield might trigger and provide shields after the death.
  • Blazing Aegis will see the armor boost it gives increased by 21 percent (from the base 46.35 and up to)
  • Plate Dodger will increase its armor value by 12percent (from the base 55 up to 65), and the duration will be increased between 5 and 7 seconds.

Weapon Mod buffs

  • Anomaly Enhancement will increase its co-efficiency from 30 percent Anomaly Power to 40 percent.
  • Bone Shrapnel will have its damage increased by 5percent (from the base 56.7 and 59.85)

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