Panther Milk is clawing its way to success following Dragons’ Den appearance

Panther Milk is clawing its way to success following Dragons' Den appearance

Since 2005, numerous entrepreneurs have worked hard to get the attention from Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and the other Dragons on Dragons”Den. The BBC show has seen businesses appear in the elevator, and then walk through its doors, but none have been as appealing such as Panther Milk.

Panther Milk CEO Paul Crawford is a guest on Dragons Den in 2022, and pitches his vegan drink brand to Dragons. After appearing on Dragons’ Den, the company was able to gain more exposure and, as per the Glasgow Times, the brand is a huge ” cult following“.

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What exactly is Panther Milk?

Panther Milk is an alcoholic beverage made from oats that comes in various flavors such as chocolate, original mint , and strawberry. The drink’s original recipe includes ” overproof spiced white rum and rum as well as brandy, gin figures oat m*lk and condensed oat milk“.

According to the the Panther Milk’s website The drink is ” inspired by ‘Leche De Pantera’, an effervescent cocktail rooted in the hedonism, indulgence and hedonism of the 1920’s Spain“.

The founder of Panther Milk, Paul Crawford, discovered the drink while visiting Barcelona and then introduced the brand to Glasgow in 2014 with a pop-up bar.

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Panther Milk appears on Dragons” Den

In Dragons’ Den series 19 episode 12 of the series, Paul Crawford pitches Panther Milk to the Dragons.

According to Herald Scotland, founder Paul believed the appearance of Dragons’ Den on his show would help propel the company from being something of a ” cult underground thing to becoming more easily accessible“.

Panther Milk’s Panther Milk website states that since the bar’s ” humble beginnings” the demand for the vegan beverage ” has soared – therefore we decided to invite the entire world to our party through making the Panther Milk accessible to all“.

Where can I buy Panther Milk

Panther Milk has an Instagram following of more than 6.4K users on Instagram @panther_milk. Anyone who wants to purchase the vegan drink can visit Panther Milk’s Panther Milk IG page, which connects to the company’s website.

The various flavors of Panther Milk can be purchased on the internetfor approximately PS24 for a bottle of 70cl or PS9 for 250ml bottles.

According to the Panther Milk’s Instagram Stories, the beverage can be purchased at various shops located in Glasgow, including the @ggbrothers_glasgow account.

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