PBS Ridley Road Season 2 Is it Renewed or Canceled?

Will there be a Ridley Road Season 2 after the big finale at PBS? Is this the end of the show? This article has a lot of information.

Where do we start? It is best to get some bad news out there: No information has been confirmed about the show’s future. The show was originally billed as a short series. There was an established beginning, middle, and end. We aren’t sure the themes could have been more timely, even though this is a story from the past.

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PBS Ridley Road Season 2 | Renewed or Canceled

We believe there is more to be explored in this world. Yes, it is possible. However, it would require the right story and an actual reason to bring most of these people back together. These decisions would be made by the BBC more than the PBS Americans. However, the performance of the US show could have an influence.

There is no set timetable for when new episodes will be released. You’ve probably seen British TV over the years and know they don’t rush to announce anything. They are flexible and move the story along at their own pace, often keeping their episodes count low. Dramas do not need to have 20+ episodes seasons or last ten years to succeed in this world.

The British series can also decide when it is okay to be alone. Despite Richard Madden being the most-watched series over there, they didn’t order another season of Bodyguard.

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Are you interested in watching a Ridley Roadseason 2 over at PBS?

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