Play Pubg mobie at 90 fps – New Pubg mobie update ( Only for this device )

All About the New Pubg Mobile 90 fps Update

Finally, after a lot of time,  Pubg mobile players can play the game at 90 fps. But not everyone( like me) can get the benefit of playing the game at 90 fps.

Yes! It’s true.

As for now, only One Plus mobile company has added this feature to their mobile phones.

Most of the Esports players like Mortal, Dynamo, etc own OnePlus mobile as OnePlus sponsors them. Now, It could be a big update for OnePlus mobile users as they finally get the advanced 90 fps mode, to not mention the bragging rights they get a minimum of for a month.

But for the Pubg Mobile players who don’t have OnePlus smartphone will need to accept the prevailing 60Hz refresh rate mode until September 7. There will be some major differences in the performance that different smartphone devices need to offer.

Though OnePlus 8 series runs Snapdragon 865 processor, other high-end gaming mobiles like Asus ROG Phone 3 have the newest Snapdragon 865+ processor, therefore the 90fps mode will load faster on the latter processor.

Before this, OnePlus has also partnered with Epic Games to permit its users to select smartphones to run Fortnite within the 90fps mode.

However, the graphics of that esport were defaulted to ‘low’ on turning the 90fps mode on.

We all know that the max fps of Pubg mobile till now is 60 fps. However, we can increase it by installing some third-party apps such as Gfx+tool. But now, after the addition of 90 fps settings in pubg mobile by One Plus, we all desire to play the game at a high frame rate.

From the very beginning of the Pubg mobile, there were a lot of bugs and glitches in the game. Some of them get recovered while some not.

How to Play Pubg at 90 fps on Your OnePlus Mobile – Step by Step

  1. You need to change the refresh rate of your OnePlus device by going to Settings > Display > Screen Refresh Rate and set refresh rate to 90 fps.
  2. Open PUBG Mobile and click on the Settings button on the bottom right corner.
  3. Click on the Graphics tab and you will be able to see the 90 fps option. “Select it”

Now, you are all done and can enjoy the Pubg mobile gameplay at 90 fps.

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