How Can You Play PUBG on Mac OS? Easy Solution!!!

How Can You Play PUBG on Mac OS? Easy Solution!!!

The most asked question is how do you play ‘PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds”, a game using Mac? “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (“PUBG“) is the most-played game by a mile, even though it’s only available on computers that run Windows 10, and that isn’t even a complete game.

Yes, “PUBG” is still in its beta stage as of the date of this writing and was the top-rated game on Steam. Steam gaming console surpasses “Dota 2” with the highest number of concurrent gamers using Steam for the first time in a long time.

“PUBG” is set to be released for Xbox One on December 30. The game will leave PlayStation 4 users in the cold for the moment. Since  PUBG is available only exclusively on PC, Mac owners cannot play… up to now.

My friend Dave Smith recently tried an application known as GeForce Now by Nvidia to play “Destiny 2” on a Mac and gave highly positive feedback regarding his experiences. It was discovered that one of the games available with GeForce Now is “PUBG.” The rest is history.

How to Play PUBG on Mac


There is a direct method to play PUBG on Mac. However, you can download the DMG version of PUBG on macOS High Sierra

Then simply go through the installation process and Install Bootcamp on your Mac and install Windows 10. It will then run Windows. After that, download Steam, which acts as a game store owned by Valve. You can purchase PUBG as an online game, you are not copying it, and you shouldn’t. Start playing.

Nvidia GForce has a way to play games on any platform streaming the games.

Look them up on Google to find more in-depth steps.


It’s a bit similar to PlayStation Now, The service is still in pre-alpha, but it will simulate your experience, and the game will be played on their servers using their graphics cards. You only have to be concerned about your internet connectivity and latency. If you’ve got a strong connection, you’ll get the best experience playing PUBG on a device like this rather than struggling to achieve an acceptable frame rate with an old MacBook…

In essence, GeForce Now removes the necessity for modern hardware and is an open platform. I can imagine this becoming the norm for gaming in five years.

How can I play PUBG on Mac?

At the beginning of the year, no one had heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In reality, the game didn’t launch until March 2017. This means that the fact that it’s more than 20 million sold and two million concurrent users more remarkable. The game also comes with an Xbox One variant in the process of being released within the next few weeks, but it appears Mac gamers have been left out.

Although PUBG does not officially support Mac, There are still options to enjoy PUBG using your Mac and here’s how we explain how to do it.

And if you’ve not yet purchased the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for PC at this point (you’ll need it for both options), you can buy it from Steam today at PS26.99.

It’s not for everyone, but if you’re willing to play Windows with your Mac, You can enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on it as well (available through Steam). We’d rather play MacOS games, but it’s possible to make exceptions for games that we must try.

Wrapping Up

If PUBG is the game you’re looking to play, there are many ways to play this game using your Mac. 

Are you get stuck in game, Don't worry I am here to solve all your queries and give you some hacks about your favourite game.

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