Pokemon Go Error Finding Match- Now You Can Easily Fix Them

While proving yourself the best trainer in Pokemon Go, it is quite troublesome for you if your match-making based-system in Go Battle League stops working. Right? This must occur due to the Pokemon Go Error Finding Match. Many players have experienced this issue while playing the game. Are you also one of them? Let’s learn more about this error in depth.

The message “Error Finding Match” appears, and is typically displayed to Pokemon Go players, which directs them back to the Go Battle League Home Page. This error may appear for numerous factors, including server issues, a sluggish internet connection, or a problem from your opponent’s side.

Our next move is now to fix this error issue from Pokemon Go. For this, we have a full guide for you where we have mentioned some things that you can do in order to resolve this issue so you can again back on your track in the matchmaking process.

Pokemon Go Error Finding Match

Pokemon Go displays the notice “Error Finding Match” when a Trainer starts a match with another player in the Go Battle League but the game is unable to successfully link the two players for their duel. 

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How To Fix “Error Finding Match” In Pokemon Go?

Trainers can take a few actions to fix these matchmaking problems. Here is a list of everything you can do to solve the Error Finding Match Issue.

  • Make Sure The Servers Are Up
  • Try Finding Another Match
  • Restart Pokemon Go
  • Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection
  • Clear The Pokemon Go’s Cache
  • Contact Pokemon Go’s Support Team

Make Sure The Servers Are Up

You can’t really do much if the game’s servers are not working properly. Since the game servers and the matchmaking servers are typically kept apart, being able to enter into the game does not necessarily indicate that everything is in order.

In order to resolve this server issue, you can visit the Official Twitter Account of Pokemon Go, where you can check the server updates. 

You can also learn about ongoing maintenance or shortages by checking Pokemon Go’s social media platforms in addition to visiting Down Detector. Prior to finding a match, you will be forced to wait for Niantic to provide you with a solution.

Try Finding Another Match

There is always a possibility that your opponent’s end is having a matchmaking problem or they just disconnected from the match before it began. This can happen if the opposing trainer pauses the app prior to the player’s matches in the system or loses connectivity after finding a match.

In situations like this, you ought to be able to find another match after looking for one.

Restart Pokemon Go

You can always attempt this basic method; turning it on and off again to resolve any issue. Your device’s Pokemon Go app can be restarted to resolve matchmaking issues. You can also reset your connection by putting your phone in Airplane mode, then turning it off again.

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Even mobile internet providers can experience bandwidth overload. Local activities or maintenance may reduce the capacity of your service provider, thereby reducing the caliber of your connection.

A poor connection could cause problems whether you are using your phone’s data plan or wifi. To solve this issue, try re-establishing contact with your phone data or wifi network.

Clear The Pokemon Go’s Cache

The last option you have if nothing else has worked to fix the issue is to delete Pokemon Go’s cache. You will be prompted to check it again after doing so, which will clear the cache for your game.

iOS users must delete and reinstall the app; however Android users can do this through the app’s settings.

Contact Pokemon Go’s Support Team (Niantic)

It might be a good idea to get in touch with the Pokemon Go Support Team if you frequently get this issue. The team can reduce the options down if you open a support ticket and describe the troubleshooting techniques you have already done. 

You can check out more possible solutions when Niantic investigates the logs to determine what has been blocking you from taking part in matches.

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All of these are your only options if you want to stop experiencing Pokemon Go matchmaking issues on your device and resume enjoying the game with your friends. If nothing else can work for you, then the last and the best solution is to get in touch with Niantic. 

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