Pokemon Go Yveltal Weakness 2022

What is the most important factor that you need to look into while planning to fight against a Pokemon? Of course, it’s vulnerabilities! If you know what makes the other Pokemon weak, you have the key to winning the battle. This time, we are here to let you know about the Pokemon Go Yveltal weaknesses, in case you were planning to catch one during the Fashion Challenge week. 

No matter how strong a Pokemon is, there is always something more powerful you will find in Pokemon Go. So, even if you are going to battle one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, you don’t have to worry, instead, you need to know more about that Pokemon so that you can prepare accordingly. 

In Pokemon Go, Yveltal is a species that is weak to the Pokemon that belong to Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Electric Types, so if a player uses any strong Pokemon from one of these types, no one can stop them from beating the legendary Pokemon Yveltal during a raid battle. There is a lot more to know about this species if you are really up for defeating it in the game. 

Let us know in detail about the strengths as well as weaknesses of Yveltal in Pokemon Go so that it becomes much easier for you to defeat it in the game. 

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Pokemon Go Yveltal Weakness

Yveltal is a Legendary Dual Type Pokemon falling under the categories of dark Type as well as flying Type. This Pokemon was introduced to the game in Gen VI, being the first Pokemon revealed to the players in this Generation. 

The Stats of a Yveltal in Pokemon Go are as: 

1. STA – 246

2. ATK – 350

3. DEF – 185

And the best Moveset of a Yveltal in Pokemon Go includes Hurricane and Sucker Punch which amounts to 14.66 DPS.

So, you can see that a Yveltal is quite a strong Pokemon and it will require a lot of work if one wishes to beat it in Pokemon Go. The most important thing for this purpose is to know the Pokemon attack types that a Yveltal is weak to and the ones which it is resistant against. 

Of all, there is a total of four types of Pokemon to which a Yveltal shows weakness in Pokemon Go. Here is a list of all of them:

1. Ice Type Pokemon

2. Rock Type Pokemon

3. Fairy Type Pokemon 

4. Electric Type Pokemon

Apart from these Pokemon types, here is a list of the types of Pokemon that can put normal damage on a Yveltal. 

1. Normal Type Pokemon

2. Flying Type Pokemon

3. Fire Type Pokemon

4. Dragon Type Pokemon

5. Water Type Pokemon

6. Fighting Type Pokemon

7. Bug Type Pokemon

8. Steel Type Pokemon

9. Poison Type Pokemon

So, if you do not have any of the strongest four types against a Yveltal, you can also manage with a good strategy if you use any of these nine types that put normal damage on the legendary Yveltal. 

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However, there are also some Pokemon that do not impact negatively a Yveltal. The two types of Pokemon that a Yveltal is immune to are: 

1. Ground Type Pokemon

2. Psychic Type Pokemon

Apart from these, there are three other types of Pokemon to which a Yveltal is ½ times resistant, and these are given below:

1. Ghost Type Pokemon

2. Dark Type Pokemon

3. Grass Type Pokemon

So, make sure that you keep all this in mind before you jump into battle against a Yveltal in Pokemon Go, otherwise, it is going to be difficult for you to take it down. 

Wrap Up

That is all, now you know the weakness of Yveltal and all you need to do is catch some good, strong Pokemon of the types Yveltal is not resistant to so that you can easily beat it using the powerful Movesets.

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