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Who is Prudence Featherington Marry in Bridgerton?

Season 2 of “Bridgerton” brings another season of weddings to the Ton, with a host of hopefuls (and not so young) looking for the perfect match. The perfect match is often the richest in the Regency-era London setting. This is especially true for the Featherington sisters Philipa Featherington & Prudence Featherington.

Although the former appears to have found a match, Prudence is still noticeably available until a sudden event, and some quick thinking from Lady Portia Featherington sees Prudence, the oldest Featherington girl, get engaged to a surprising suitor. You might be wondering what happens next. Let’s see if Prudence Featherington marries in Bridgerton. Bridgerton SPOILERS Ahead.

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Who is Prudence Featherington Married?

Prudence has participated in all the pageantry in Bridgerton’s season 1, which follows Daphne Bridgerton’s debut in London’s high society wedding season. This is the third season of the oldest Featherington sibling’s wedding season. She also fails to find a suitor. Lady Featherington is more interested in finding a match than her daughters.

So, “Bridgerton” season 2 opens with Prudence coming back at all the wedding season events, even though her younger sister Philipa is showing off her upcoming nuptials. Lady Portia wants Prudence to marry into wealth, as the Featherington funds are running low after Lord Featherington’s death. Lady Portia explores ways to control Jack Featherington’s enormous wealth when he arrives from the United States as the Lord’s nephew.

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When Prudence and Jack Featherington are alone in the orange orchard, Lady Portia gets her chance to be a mother. Although they meet in the garden by chance, their interactions are completely innocent. Lady Portia claims Jack has damaged her daughter’s reputation, so she must marry him. The Lady intends to marry her daughter into the wealth of her nephew, which is made all the funnier when Jack is shown to be nearly broke and declares that his ruby mines have no value.

Prudence is unaware of Jack’s wealth and continues to be faithfully engaged to her cousin. She does, however, point out that Jack barely speaks to her and is busy trying to entrap a wealthy woman to get rich off the inheritance. When Colin Bridgerton discovers Jack’s plans and threatens him with revealing them, the sham engagement is over.

Jack attempts to con his Ton members out of money. Lady Portia is then convinced to go with him to the United States. The swindler attempts to seduce the mother after Prudence’s engagement is broken. Lady Portia, however, is not having it and forces Jack to flee while keeping half his ill-gotten wealth.

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Prudence is still single after season 2. Her swindler cousin Jack, her fiance, seems to be running off with his tail between his legs. The silver lining is that they can replenish their funds to a certain extent and secure their place in the Ton. It is very likely that we will see Prudence again in future marriage seasons, searching for a suitor.

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