Top 5 Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

Top 5 Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

Psychological thrillers can be among the most thrilling films due to their greater understanding of human brains. They’re also available to a broad audience because they’re all distinct in the style and give everyone an chance to discover something unique for their own.

Given the increasing popularity of the psychological thriller, we considered creating an inventory of movies available to you. There’s no time better to enjoy this kind of entertainment and for any Netflix-lover looking for the best films to run a mental marathon This list contains excellent psychological thrillers available on Netflix.

The top 5 psychological thrillers available on Netflix at the moment are “The Weekend Away”, “Fractured”, “The Invisible Guest”, “Gerald’s Game” and “The The Woman In the Window”. Below, you’ll find more information on all of these.

The Top Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

The Weekend Away

Sarah Alderson wrote the script, ‘The Weekend Away‘ is a tense thriller film homage to Sarah Alderson’s novel.

This Kim Farrant directorial recounts the tale of Beth, a Croatian mother called Beth who’s marriage is beginning to fall apart and is not sure of the future.

When she is introduced to the acquaintance Kate who shares thoughts that they are in love, they eventually find themselves in a club.


The story revolves around a family consisting of three that includes Ryan and his wife Joanne and their young daughter Peri. While on a vacation the trio enjoy, Peri has to be admitted to the hospital due to an injury. Her parents take them to the local medical facility, where Ryan collapses in the waiting room because of exhaustion. Joanne brings Peri to the hospital for a medical check-up.

The Invisible Guest

The film is a Spanish psychological thriller from the beginning, ‘The Invisible Guest’ is the tale of Adrian, a affluent businessman accused of murder, specifically the murder of his lover , who was found beside him on his mattress. Because of his wealth and wealth, he employs a seasoned legal professional, Virginia, to make arguments against the allegations against him.

Gerald’s Game

“Gerald’s Game” follows a husband and wife Jessie and Gerald who, to liven up their sexual life, are forced to move in a small country house. To the delight of Jessie, her husband has put on handcuffs for her to secure her as he is taking two pills of Viagra for the added hunger. While they have sexual relations and Jessie is playing all the time, Gerald falls and dies from heart attacks.

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This Woman in the Window

“The Woman In The Window’ is a psychological thriller based on A. J. Finn’s novel with the same name. The story centers on Anna Fox, a depressed child psychologist with no purpose who has no connection to her family. Living in a dimly lit Manhattan brownstone home, she suffers from terrible anxiety attacks and panic attacks that gradually take a toll on her health.

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