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We’re waiting for more details to be released regarding the 2.8 updates, which is based on leakers and beta testers. We’ll for now only write about leaks we’ve tagged as trustworthy, in the interest of clarity. If we were to report on every doubtful leak, we’d end up in a sandbox that was deeper than Osial’s watery grave.


Recent leaks have mostly focussed specifically on Genshin Impact’s Kuki Shinobu and Genshin Impact’s Yelan, both of whom Hoyoverse has confirmed are going in version 2.7. There have also been a number of brand new leaks for Genshin Impact’s Heizou and Heizou, including the gameplay video. Check out our guide to learn more information about the character’s upcoming appearance as well as to view other leaks.

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Apart from that, we’ve also seen a lot of leaks regarding Genshin Impact’s Yaoyao and Genshin Impact’s Baizhu both of that could be the first dendro character to appear in the game could be part of the game together with Genshin Impact’s Sumeru. The leakers have also said that we might be seeing the following characters in the near future:

  • Genshin Impact’s Heizou
  • Genshin Impact’s Varka
  • Genshin Impact’s Cyno
  • Genshin Impact’s Dainsleif

But none of these are confirmed So don’t be tempted to


Hoyoverse has confirmed the principal Genshin Impact banners that will be coming to 2.7 with the highly anticipated brand new character Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu and Genshin Impact Yelan. Apart from Kuki We don’t know the four-star characters that will be in the show.

For 2.8 the leaks suggest the brand new anemo catalyst-wielder Genshin Heatingou from Impact is coming out however we’re not sure which banner he’ll be under or who he’ll be appearing alongside.

Of course, we’ve been waiting for a Genshin impact Kazuha remake for what seems like an eternity, and speculations constantly swirling that it’s coming only to be shattered. New reports suggest that version 2.8 will include an adventure story that is based on our lively Anemo-boy (not the player, Xiao, you’ve got the opportunity for shining in 2.7), we could finally get the rerun that we’ve had our eyes on for a long time.

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The Leakers have speculated that we’ll see a rerun of the well-loved 1.6 Mondstadt events, Golden Apple Archipelago prior to the closing of version 2. If this is the case the event will probably be released in version 2.8 which is the last update before we go for Sumeru since it wasn’t mentioned in the context of 2.7 during the Livestream.

To verify the leaks, see the comparison of the original and the new Golden Apple Archipelago maps here. Blank is also suggesting that the primary island in the new map is actually a castle which is what you observe behind Yelan here.


The 2.7 weapon leaks were confirmed by the live stream of the last however, there are hints about a forthcoming, quest-based weapon that is from version 2.8.

Based on the information leaked the sword is a four-star sword you can obtain at the conclusion of chapter Kazuha chapter, which is a forthcoming series of quests. The sword can’t be refined and is in the dark until the conclusion of the quest. the present beta placeholder is known as ‘this is a weapon”. It is possible to look at this weapon’s various colors on this page here and below.

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This concludes the Genshin Impact leaks for now. We’ll make sure to include additional tidbits when we discover these, so keep checking often. If you’re looking for something new beyond Teyvat check out this list of top mobile games to play in 2022.

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