Rbh Sound A-815 Review

The A-815 provides the ideal solution to in-ceiling applications which require high-range performance and budget-friendly design. With its flush-trim mount design, the 8 inch poly graphite cone and 1 inch swivel woofer provide increased clarity, accuracy, bass performance, and more great bass performance. Accessories are available for this product.

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Rbh Sound A-815 Review – Features

  • Easy and fast installation with our pre-started dog leg mounting system
  • Circuitry to protect the tweeter’s from being too driven by polyswitch protection
  • Dual sound contour buttons allow for the customization of tweeter and woofer output levels in any room.
  • The crossovers used to integrate drivers are steeply acoustic.
  • If you wish to completely hide your in-ceiling speaker, you can use paintable grilles
  • Installation template.

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The A-815D offers the best of both the A-815 and dual-channel performance. Dual 1-inch swivel Tweeters and dual voice coils offer high stereo sound quality and high fidelity in a single flush-trim design. The A-815D provides both left and correct stereo channels with a single speaker. It is also ideal for locations and rooms that require a full, rich, and powerful sound. The Architectural Series.

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