Realm Of Elementals Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

Realm Of Elementals Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

Mokoko seeds can be found all over within Lost Ark, even in the dungeons. For instance, the Realm of the Elementals dungeon is an example and contains seven seeds that you can find.

It is believed that the Mokoko seeds may be exchanged to earn various rewards, by talking to an NPC located in Mokoko Village. Mokoko Village. There are more than 1,000 of them in Arkesia This task is likely to take many hours to finish.

When you’ve collected every one of them, then you’ll receive a special title. If you’re trying to achieve this title This is the location of each Mokoko seed located in the Realm of Elementals dungeon in Lost Ark.

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All Mokoko Seed locations within the Realm of Elementals dungeon

The majority of the Dungeon’s Mokoko seedlings are concealed in secret passageways blocked by various obstacles.

To get to them, take out any enemies wandering about and go through the tunnels. Sometimes, you’ll need to search at the yellow-colored arrow which is a sign of interaction with the surrounding, like jumping between platforms.

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