How To Get Sentry Lantern Elden Ring

Sentry’s Torch is a Torch in Elden Ring. The Sentry’s Toch works best with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. It shouldn’t be used as a weapon.

Torch gave to Erdtree protectors. Its flames are blessed with a special mantra that allows it to be seen by assassins who are covered in veils. Furnished on behalf of the Erdtree & the Grace-Given Lady so that a Night of Black Knives never comes again.


The Sentry’s Torch weapon is located at the following address:

  • Hermit Merchant 7,000 runes .  

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  • Weapon Skill: Torch Attack
  • This weapon cannot be infused with Ashes of War
  • Sentry’s Toch is upgradeable by using Smber Smithing stones
  • The ability to see enemies normally hidden allows the player to lock on to them and fight them normally. This ability is not required to fulfill the stat requirements.
    • You can carry it in your offhand and use two-handed mode to activate the weapon in your right hand. This will place your torch on your character’s shoulder. The torch will remain visible and will work as its “reveal hidden.”
    • You can see which players have used the Concealingveil talisman.
    • This does not reveal invisible floors or invisible bridges. This dungeon is the only place where the Torch can have this effect.
    • This does not make invisible Teardrop Scarabs.
    • The “reveal invisible” ability does not require you to raise the torch (the default setting is to hold the left bumper on a control)
  • Sell Value: er runes 13 200
  • This is especially helpful against the assassins from Ordina’s Evergaol. They are invisible and thus are harder to deal with.
  • PATCH 1.5: Fixed a bug causing performance to slow down under certain circumstances when the “Sentry’s Torch” weapon is used.
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Daniel Downey
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