Sheila Davalloo Where Is She Now? What about Husband Paul Christos?

Sheila Davalloo Where Is She Now? What about Husband Paul Christos?

Sheila Davallo is an Iranian-American woman arrested for attempting to murder incessantly.

Sheila and her companion played around as the game turned into a severe event. On February 19, 2004, Cavallo came to her safety, noting her intention not to harm her partner.

Where is Sheila Davalloo now?

She was sentenced to fifty years in prison, but she’s currently serving a 25-year sentence in the New York prison for the attempted murder of her husband. Once she has completed her punishment, Davalloo will be moved to a Connecticut correctional facility to complete her time for murder. Raymundo.

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Who is Paul Christos?

Cavallo’s ex-husband Paul Christos, a 44-year-old medical school teacher, divorced the couple at the end of September 2004. Cavallo served a sentence of 25 years to murder Christos in 2003.

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What are Sheila Davalloo Murder Charges?

Dateline Already NBC featured Sheila Davallo’s story in the episode titled Obsession. The crew investigated the criminals’ actions and revealed what was happening behind the scenes of misfortune and drama. Sheila was presently facing charges of attempted murder of her lover Paul and the primary stage murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo.

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