Forget Winning Time | Now Watch These Shows Like Winning Time

Shows Like Winning Time

HBO’s Winning Time is among the list of thrilling sports TV shows. Here you will find the top television shows like Winning Time.

The HBO series Winning Time takes the exciting authentic story of the building of the Los Angeles Laker’s dynasty in the 1980s and retells it on television. 

Based on an episode that is among the more fascinating stories behind the scenes in NBA time, this series is not just an engaging story but also features entertaining and fascinating characters.

Top 5 Shows like winning Time

Since the world of sports is full of unexpected twists, it’s the ideal location to create captivating stories from. 

Be it a compelling documentary series such as 30 For 30 or side-splitting comedy about sports like Eastbound & Down, there are always new shows to enjoy after you’ve finished Winning Time.

Bad Sport

While many documentary shows have a common theme throughout the show, the Netflix series Bad Sport is an anthology of stories about sports. 

Each episode is a unique interesting, and significant, case of crime in the world of organized sports.

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The Survivor’s Regret

Mike O’Malley’s “Survivor’s Regret” is a story about Cam Calloway, an African-American professional basketball player who moves to Atlanta with his family following the joining a brand new team. 

The family decides to end the tensions as Cam attempts to stay on his new surroundings like Magic Johnson in ‘Winning Time. Furthermore, each show explores complex themes such as class, race and sexuality.

The Last Dance

“The Last Dance,” a documentary on ESPN and Netflix “The Final Dance” examines the Bulls Dynasty of the 1990s. 

He’s one of the most well-known athletes of his time and is among the most well-known public figures in history. 

He played in Six NBA Finals, won all six of them, and was the MVP in each of them.

Friday Night Lights

The TV program Friday Night Lights was inspired by a real-life story however, it was a story that went through many different layers of adaptation. In real life, the Permian Panthers and Odessa and its surrounding town Odessa were the main influence on the critically acclaimed NBC show.

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One Tree Hill

The show takes place on the fantasy town Tree Hill in North Carolina and begins with twins Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty). 

They vie for positions on their school’s basketball team and the drama that results from the romance between the brothers.

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