Slow Horses’ End-Credits Tribute: How Did Kal Biggins Die?

Ok, so you came here to see the reason behind Kal Biggins death. Don’t go anywhere before reading the full article.

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Slow Horses is a spy thriller TV show that is based on the novel with the same name written by Mick Herron. In the first 2 episodes, the series aired at the beginning of April on Apple TV+ on April 1st, 2022.

Coming to the Kal Biggins death, he died on 9th of December 2021. The main reason behind his death was fatal car accident. We have more to tell about the Kal Biggins including the place of death. So, read the full article to know more about it.

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Who is Kal Biggins and How He Died?

Kal Biggins was a much-loved friend and colleague who have been a familiar face for the show’s cast and crew.

The man was in his late 30s and identified by his family as Kal Biggins and later pronounced dead at the scene following his black Toyota drove off the highway along Hanover Way in Broomhall and crashed near the underpass that connects to Headford Street last Thursday, on December 9 at around 9 p.m.

A man aged 30 was later taken into custody in connection with the cause of death through dangerous driving.

Flowers and football boots are being laid at the site of the crash. with many touching messages from relatives and friends that describe him as ‘one-of-a-kind’ the kind’ and telling “life will never be the same without his.

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