Stranger Things: Are Nancy and Jonathan Still Dating | Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan’s Love Triangle

Stranger Things: Are Nancy and Jonathan Still Dating, Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan's Love Triangle

Young love! Stranger Things might focus on adolescents fighting the supernatural and government-related insights. However, it’s also quite educated on matters that concern the hearts.

“For me, this show is much more about the characters and the relationships,” Natalia Dyer, who is Nancy Wheeler, said about the Netflix show during an interview on Glamour in the year 2017. “I am a fan of the character-driven aspect. “The Duffers take these 80s stereotypes and flesh them out, giving characters depth. I love how everyone connects, and it’s fascinating to see how they approach this in different ways.”

One of the major focus points of the show that premiered with the online streaming service in July 2016 was the relationship triangle that is a part of Nancy, Steve Harrington ( Joe Keery), and Jonathan Byers ( Charlie Heaton).

The first season was a story of Nancy being drawn to shy Jonathan despite having a relationship with Steve. The first season showed that the young journalist had been unable to express her feelings for Jonathan, the eldest Byers son, by delving further into her relationships with Hawkins, the most well-known jock. But Are Nancy and Jonathan Still Dating?

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Stranger Things: Are Nancy and Jonathan Still Dating

“At the end of season 1, we were pretending that nothing happened,” Keery told the magazine back in 2017 regarding the shocking turn of events. “We were holding each other back in a certain way, but to move forward, we had to go to these separate places.”

Nancy was able to find her way to Jonathan in the second season following an evening of Halloween-themed punches that were spilled along with “bulls-t” between her and Steve; however, Dyer, as well as Keery, aren’t sure if their characters won’t eventually bring back their flame after having grown in their ways.

“They definitely care about each other and still love each other, [but] they have to figure themselves out apart from each other,” Dyer told Glamour. “After the conclusion of season one, their relationship became more of a safety blanket. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you must find out what’s beyond that safety blanket.”

Molly’s Game Molly’s Game actor The actor, in his own words, revealed to Us Weekly in the lead-up to Season 2’s Stranger Things premiere in October 2017, saying, “I believe that everybody still feels a connection to that particular person in one way or another. You love them. You think of them. You remember it fondly or even think about it negatively. I’m convinced it’s likely that Steve and Nancy are in the same boat. I think that at the very least, I would like to see people discover that there is a human element to the circumstances.”

Heaton admitted in an interview with the magazine in the year 2019 in 2019 that the actor is “actually pretty pro-Steve.” The New Mutants actor also said that the man once a ladies male had “turned into a nice guy” despite being his opponent on the show. However, Heaton explained that Nancy and Jonathan’s connection in common is something unique to the show.


“They can and do rely on each other,” he told the on-screen couple at the moment. “They’re extremely different individuals. However, when it comes to matters, they’re there for one another.”

The connection between the brainy beauty and the introvert didn’t only create a romance on screen. Dyer and Heaton fell in love in the background after the premiere of season 1 back in July 2016. The couple is notorious for not speaking out regarding their romance; Dyer did open up about her boyfriend during the 2017 SAG Awards.

“No, he’s great. He’s talented, just like everyone else on the team,” she told the US. “They’re all super, just great to work with.”

Although the couple is in good spirits even after 6 years of being together and having costars, the Tennessee native is still struggling to comprehend why people are so concerned about their relationship.

“The weirdest thing about [our relationship] is other people’s perception and reaction to it,” she stated during a May 2022 interview on Cosmopolitan UK. “Everything else just feels very human.”

Scroll down to revisit the iconic love triangle that entangled Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan throughout the seasons:

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Bookworm Falls for Big Man on Campus

After a series of sneaky studies and make-up sessions in her bedroom, Nancy seals the deal with Steve in a celebration at his home in season one — at the same time, the best of her friends, Barb ( Shannon Purser), was kidnapped by a Demogorgon.

Secret Photo Sessions

If Steve discovers Jonathan snapping photos of him and Nancy in his bedroom and breaks Jonathan’s favorite camera and leaves Nancy with a feeling of empathy for the photographer.

Upside Down Brings People Together

Nancy and Jonathan shared a night of fun after escaping from their way out of Upside Down. The two aren’t taking any action; Steve witnesses a tender moment with them when he looks through their Wheelers’ glass.

Slut-Shaming on a Marquee

After spotting Jonathan in Nancy’s room, the basketball player lets his pals draw “NANCY WHEELER IS A SLUT” on a marquee for a movie, and the two brothers come to fight.

A Surprising Choice

In the episode of season 2, which is a year ahead in time, Nancy is still with Steve. They try to work together. However, Steve’s determination to move forward annoys Nancy, who is grieving the loss of Barb.

After Nancy is drunk and says, they are “bulls–t” during a Halloween celebration, the couple decides to the shots.

Roadtrip Romance

Nancy and Jonathan meet up after the road trip to discover the truth about Barb’s disappearance. Jonathan believes that the need to look after his younger brother Will and his family, who have escaped from Upside Down, is the rift between them.

After an evening of drinking, Nancy and Jonathan finally surrender to their desires, sealing the deal by having a night together.

Amicable Goodbyes

If Steve and Nancy encounter each other in the final episode of season two, Steve is aware of an underlying relationship with his former girlfriend, and Jonathan has changed. With his blessing to Nancy, he advises Nancy to join the Byers family when they leave to help save Will From the Mindflayer and confirm their breakup.

Working Relationship

The third season of the show is the first season to introduce Nancy and Jonathan, who are in a romantic relationship. Both are employed by Hawkins Post. Hawkins Post for their summer internships, but they clash heads when Nancy is confronted with sexism at the workplace. In the end, they come back together after battling their fears of the Mindflayer within Hawkins Hospital.

Long Distance Damages

Season 4 introduces a separation between the couple and the couple in which Nancy lives in Hawkins and Jonathan, who lives in California. The couple pretends that they are in a working relationship, but Jonathan stays away from Nancy for fear of revealing the future. After a candid conversation about his friendship with Argyle, Jonathan admits that he’s looking to “slowly break up with her.” At the end of volume 1, Nancy and Jonathan are still not talking about their relationship.

A Spark Reignited

After being thrown together during the mid-set in Vecna, the latest danger of The Upside Down, Steve and Nancy are having more fun together, and the group realizes that feelings may still exist between the two ex-lovers.

Robin ( Maya Hawke) Steve’s most trusted friend Robin (Maya Hawke), Steve’s best friend, is the first one to take notice when Nancy (who isn’t aware that Robin has a sexual orientation) becomes jealous of her romance with Steve and tries to persuade Nancy to admit that she has feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

After Nancy dives headfirst into a lake to rescue Steve from Vecna, Eddie Munson ( Joseph Quinn), who is a brand new member of the Hawkins group, informs Steve the bravery of Nancy in saving Steve will be “the biggest act of true love, my cynical heart has ever seen.”

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