SURVEY FACEBOOK DEC JAN MARKUP. The results of the survey showed that more than 330 people were marked as “false” for posts that dealt with controversial issues, including the 2020 presidential election however, the “false” label was only added “false” label was added only 12 times (The Markup).


Top Facebook Updates You Can’t-Miss (May 2022 Edition)

We’re now halfway into the new year. Many social media marketing professionals are beginning to see the results of their strategies towards the beginning of each year. It’s the ideal moment to look over. Being aware of the latest tools and features implemented for Facebook and Instagram in the last few months will help you keep your strategy moving in the correct direction.

Let’s take a look at the main April 2022 Facebook updates that you must be aware of, as well as unintentionally, a peek at the content being analyzed on the basis of Instagram and Facebook also.

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Increased transparency in advertisements for social, political, and election ads

Facebook was the focus of numerous debates in the past couple of years. The transparency of social, political, and election-related issues on platforms has become an important issue in the debate on public policy. Many began doubting the morality of advertisements in these categories, and specifically.

In the final analysis, Meta recently launched the latest methods of transparency to social, political, and election ads.

Starting in July 2022 and continuing through July 2022 In July 2022, the Ad Meta Library will contain a summary of the targeting details for these types of ads. The information will be made available to academic researchers that are approved. The goal is to study the effects that social media have had on society (with security measures to protect users’ privacy first).

The specifics that will be disclosed comprise:

  • Demographic data such as gender or age
  • What percentage of their budgets are they able to allot to the demographics they’d like to be able to reach?
  • whether an advertiser makes use of audience types that are tailored and/or similar.


SURVEY FACEBOOK DEC JAN MARKUP | New tools to manage conversations

Live chat is one of the most widely-known methods for individuals to interact with businesses. A lot of customers rely on companies that communicate through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to get immediate assistance.

To better recognize the significance of direct messaging, Meta is working to develop new software to manage conversations with companies. Since May, Meta has introduced new features that help monitor and manage conversations on the Facebook Business Page significantly more efficiently. Let’s look at each.

The streamlining of the creation of ads could eventually be the basis for WhatsApp

Messenger ads on Facebook allow businesses to design advertisements that, after clicking, take users to the business’s WhatsApp account, from which they can start an instant chat.

Facebook has streamlined the process of designing this type of ad. Soon it will be possible to create ads directly on Facebook’s WhatsApp Business App, without having to utilize Advertisements Manager. Advertisements Manager software.

Although many marketers would prefer to use Ads Manager to run more complex campaigns, the straightforward process is perfect for those who aren’t familiar with Facebook’s complex advertising platform.

WhatsApp messages are appearing on your Meta inbox

Businesses using Meta’s Inbox (part of the Meta Business Suite that is accessible to all Page administrators free of charge) can manage and access messages through Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct in one location. WhatsApp is now included in the Inbox too.

Promotional messages in your email to try

Facebook has been testing an innovative feature that permits businesses to send out promotional messages to those who sign up. Text messages are delivered via Messenger and include details regarding events, products, or offers. Users are informed and can see advertisements along with other messages from the organic world waiting for their inbox.

This feature lets companies make use of Meta’s inbox for more than just responding to customers. Businesses will be able to reconnect with customers and carry out proactive outreach. Furthermore, as customers have to sign up to receive emails from sponsors, the style isn’t likely thought of as spam.

Tools for lead generation that are expanding and tools to help customers acquire

Meta’s tools have been an invaluable source for generating leads. Today, the company provides new tools that aid companies in their efforts to acquire customers.

These new software tools will improve the management of lead generation from start to finish which makes it easier for companies to generate leads and manage them, then convert leads into clients.

They include:

  • It is the “quote request” option for Instagram. Businesses can include”Get Quote” to their profile and adding the “Get Quote” button to their profile, and also use “Get Quote” stickers in Stories. The lead form, which can be customized and added to the button and sticker will be able to ask users to answer specific questions in order to improve the quality of the quotes. The feature is currently in testing.
  • Partnerships and integrations. Lead information from Meta can be now directly transferred to the CRM you prefer to use by joining new partners, which makes it easier for sales personnel to quickly communicate with leads.
  • Flexible and innovative with Instant Forms that are flexible and creative. Instant Forms will be easier to build and customize by adding new pictures and content options. The inclusion of pictures of the product on Instant Forms could boost their conversion ratio. It is also a great way to raise awareness of the product or brand.
  • Filtering leads using Instant Forms. Soon Pages can begin making use of the responses to multiple-choice questions on Instant Forms to determine the leads that might not be the best fit for their business and filter the leads according to what they wish to.
  • Content that is protected. Prior to this, businesses needed to allow users access to their restricted content (like webinars or ebooks) after the lead form was completed using automated responses or integrations with third parties. Nowadays, businesses can create gates for content that can be downloaded or accessed directly via lead form.

Instagram may begin to conceal accounts

Social media expert Matt Navarra spotted that Instagram is testing an updated format for Stories. This new design will block “excessive” posts, showing only three Stories per user when the user clicks the “Show All” prompt.

The company has utilized continuous-play Stories to earn money from an engaged audience. In the end, we could observe brands becoming more strategic regarding Story uploads and which Stories they forward to improve CTRs.

Videos and photos that are full screen tested on the Instagram feed.

Director at Instagram Adam Mosseri recently said in the past that “the future of photos and the future of video is mobile-first.”

We’ve seen mobile content that’s fully-screen and vertical is available for Instagram Reels, Stories, and TikToks. This is similar to a normal feed of Instagram videos and photos. It’s possible that they will soon follow suit.

This platform currently tests feeds with 9×16 resolution and videos that dominate on an all-screen mobile.

Be aware of developments in the coming months, and then begin to revise your calibration to take into account the new dimensions of your videos and images. You might consider purchasing a brand new collection of infographics to use for educational purposes. This could be particularly beneficial for these.

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