The Bachelor Recap: Clayton Faces

The Bachelor Recap: Clayton Faces the Music -Is His Journey Done?

Clayton’s search for love during “The Bachelor” ended up falling on his face with a stunning display last week. Now he must do his best to get it back in order once more.

Monday’s final episode begins following his sour breakup with Susie and finds Clayton is in the church of Iceland (seeking forgiveness maybe?) and still reeling from the events. “I have to find someone who can help me because I’m broken,” he sobs to the camera. He confesses to Jesse and yet admits to being “blindsided” by the things Susie stated and claimed that she would have him fully investigate possible relationships with other women.

Also… it’s completely her blame. It’s all her fault! Now he’s determined to be “a hundred 100 per cent honest” in his relationship with Gabby and Rachel at the wedding ceremony. If they truly are in love with him, he hopes that they’ll stay. Well, let’s see!

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The Bachelor Recap: Clayton Faces the Music

It’s time to attend the wedding of the roses (from hell! ). The two girls are shocked, not be able to see Susie present. They’re more shocked when Clayton states everything about his love affair with Susie and is in love with both of them. Also, “I also had a romantic relationship between you both.” Oh, no. He’s still seeing himself in one relationship in the end… however, the person he’s talking to is at this point! (Well, it’s whoever’s least upset with him over the entire thing, most likely.)

The girls flee from a different direction, with Susie’s excruciating sobs echoing through the entire structure. Gabby is also crying, and she says that she’d rather not be with Clayton at the end of the day if it’s as this. Rachel cannot comprehend why he loves two women and her. (Yeah, we’re trying to figure it out for ourselves.) “I would like to keep going with them both,” Clayton tells Jesse. Dude? You’re the answer, after all?

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Gabby comes back later she returns, and Clayton tries to convince her that their relationship is real. Well, at least as real as what Clayton has to Rachel and Susie, at least. Clayton reminds Gabby to remember that “love” is a huge word to use. How does she feel safe in telling everyone that he loves them? “Whoever I choose, I will always love the most,” Clayton tells her… and the disgusted expressions at the faces of people watching live tell the whole story.

“Wrong response,” Gabby says later in an apology. (Damn right!) He meets with Rachel, also trying to convince her that there is a “different” affection for her than for Gabby and Susie However, that doesn’t stop the tears. “I find myself feeling that the heart of my is broken,” she confesses before crying on his lap. He assures her that he loves her and asks her to promise to take everything one step at a. No, Rachel! Don’t let him off by doing this!

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It’s beginning to dawn on Clayton that he’s at least partially responsible for this incident… which could mean some kind of thing, do we think? They are going through the motions of the ceremony for the rose, and then he gives an unintentional apology for Gabby and Rachel, after which he presents them both with roses. Rachel is happy to accept her. However, Gabby refuses to accept: “I can’t, I’m sorry,” she firmly tells him. As they walk out, she tells him they have something special.

However, the “whoever I most love” response was a big blow to her. “Just apologize or something else,” she suggests. However, Clayton continues to try and convince her to reconsider her decision, and we’re forced to go through an interruption in the commercials. This episode has been stretched out, and then she begins to waver and waffle. In the meantime, Rachel is left wondering whether she should remain after the women have left her as her only option in the end. Gabby can come back, but she accepts Clayton’s wedding ring at last. Yay, romance?

After Jesse is removed from the action, he goes on an insignificant segment to speak with his former Bachelor. The show’s stars are for their interpretation of the story — spoiler alert, they don’t like it! We go back to Iceland, and Clayton shares with his family the whole tale. His parents appear extremely sensible. They believe women have the right to be angry and deserve someone to put the interests of their children first. (“You’ve wronged the dog according to me,” his dad chuckles.)

Gabby is the first to greet them, and she’s surprisingly better after last night’s disaster. She’s concerned that her parents will not be a fan since she nearly walked over to him! She confides to his mother that she feels that she “can’t leave an individual similar to him”, but she doesn’t see it through. “I’m eager more than ever together with him”, she declared at the close. Ugh. Well, that’s disappointing. Rachel’s visit to his parents is also a success. His mom praises her for not leaving after hearing his confession. (?!).

The two women are now in the fold! His plan worked! Perhaps: After his father tells him that to be able to decide shortly, Clayton reveals to his family members that his hearts are still in Susie’s! Dammit, man! “It was a bit more unique with Susie,” he says as he takes out his bulldozers and beats them whenever they try to convince him of their feelings.

Although she has walked away from him, he hopes that he’s got the chance to get her back. And he informs Jesse that he’s got to check whether there’s anything left. Then Jesse makes a statement: Susie is still in Iceland. Is she going to pull a Cassie or give him a second chance? (Because we’ve seen how that went this time.)

Okay, Bachelor Nation: How do you think the season finale on Tuesday will unfold? Make the predictions you have in a note below.

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