The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Finn

A long-awaited reunion is finally taking place with this THE BOLD AND the beautiful spoilers! In the scene where Li informs all the viewers that Finn is alive, he does be able to get some understanding into Sheila. Does she want Finn along with Steffy to get together?

Finn was shocked to awake from his coma and discover Sheila taking his care. Things became more difficult when he realized that she allowed Li to die to protect her secrets! “I love you so much,” she sweetly promises her son. However, Finn is determined to escape Sheila’s grasp and be with family. “Prove it,” he demands. “Send me back home. I want to be with my family once more.” and Sheila appears to be a little ashamed as she realizes that by trying to save her son, she’s hurting him repeatedly.

Li has some shocking news to share with everyone!

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After being rescued by Bill, Li finally gets herself back to her feet and discusses her actions with the rest of the group. “He’s not dead,” she informs Bill, Liam, and Hope. “Finn’s alive!” They’re all naturally stunned by the news, and Hope is stunned: “Finn is alive?”

Steffy opens up her heart-shaped locket atop a cliff that overlooks the sea and gazes at the images inside her, Finn, and one of her daughter and son. However, even as she grieves the loss of her husband, who she loved dearly, and her daughter, she is unaware that he’s still alive and eager to reach her! “Steffy, I’m on my way to you,” she says to the phone. “It won’t be long, and we’ll be together soon.”

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Daniel Downey
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