The Contractor Ending, Explained

the contractor

The Contractor” is an action-thriller film that tells the tale of Special Forces Sergeant James Harper ( Chris Pine ), who is uninvoluntary discharged but with honor out of the military. Due to his impeccable performance, he is sought-after in the industry. He eventually decides to join the same company where his colleague Mike (Ben Foster) is employed.

James’s new boss, Rusty Jennings (Kiefer Sutherland), seems to be saying everything right. But, during James’s first assignment with his company, the situation suddenly changes for the worst in Berlin, and he’s required to go on the run. Here’s everything you must learn about the end of the film ‘The Contractor. There are spoilers ahead.

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The Contractor Plot Synopsis

James is a professional soldier and doesn’t know much about the world outside of his military. His father served in the military before James joined the military before. Combat and suffering changed him beyond the point of. He was abusive to James and left James with wounds that weren’t yet to be healed.

James has decided that he’ll never be into his father. However,, the years of battle and hurt are also beginning to wear him down. The wife of James, Brianne (Gillian Jacobs), is worried about James’s health. She is dealing with her emotional problems. They’re a military family. Everyone in their Family is a soldier, as are their families. Over time they’ve lost so many of their friends that Brianne is now deeply affected by it.

James has served on four combat tours over the past five years and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. James takes a mixture of drugs to treat his knee problem, eventually resulting in his discharge. The new commander in James’ unit abruptly informs him that the latest drug test has been “filthy.” Even though James receives an honorable discharge but it’s not his decision.

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In addition, he is denied his pension and health insurance. Other financial problems and debts were already escalating before this happened to James and his loved ones. In the wake of these developments, it is almost impossible to get them out of the way. But, James has certain options to which he has access.

Because of his impeccable record, the business world started calling him right following his discharge. However, the last thing James would like to do is watch the celebrity. So, he sleeps all calls. When attending a funeral for a colleague and friend, James runs into Mike. This is Pine Foster’s first movie as a team since the release of ‘Hell on the High Water, and the bond is immediate.

James, as well as Mike, has been in the same position. Mike offers to invite James to his house, and when he arrives, James realizes that Mike has been doing well for himself. He discovers that Mike is working in the private sector and requests Mike to schedule an appointment with Mike’s boss.

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Rusty informs James that they perform contracts for the government, which is exactly the kind of man James would like to hear. James doesn’t know that Rusty manipulates James. He is then transferred to Berlin to carry out surveillance work on a Harvard-educated scientist with suspected connections with Al-Qaeda and Syria. When Mike and the other suspects arrive, they are given the task of finding information on the scientist’s research in the laboratory.

During the incident, police are notified. New instructions originate from Rusty and instruct James and the other team members to destroy everything. Scientist Salim Mohamed Mohsin (Fares Fares) continues to claim that the technology they’re working on at the lab is intended to advance humanity. Yet, James follows the orders they gave him and ensures the other person’s death.

As they walk out of prison, the police are on the scene and can take down the majority of James his colleagues. James manages to hide with Mike and can save their life of Mike. As his knee begins to act up, James sends his friend ahead but soon comes to believe that Rusty’s men are responsible for the murder of Mike. The incident in the lab quickly becomes an international disaster, particularly with numerous police officers killed and causing James to flee in the shadows of both German police and those he used to work with.

The Contractor Ending: Is Mike Dead?

After his return to the US After returning to the US, he visits his wife to inform her of the story and finds out that his friend’s alive. He confronts Mike and discovers that he was told that he was dead. He was aware that the facts about this mission were not true. He was aware that Salim had developed a vaccine against the virus known as H5N1.

Their clients plan to make the virus available and hope to earn billions of dollars by controlling the cure. Mike can eventually join James when James sets out to eliminate Rusty. The gunfight ensues, and Mike is mortally wounded. James takes out Rusty before departing with Mike on a vehicle. After Mike passes away, James sets the vehicle on fire, then leaves and erases the evidence that he was there.

Is James Return with the Family he has?

Indeed, James reunites with his Family. In the last scene, James watches his loved ones from an inaccessible distance. The $50,000 he was given before the job was used effectively. The viewers are briefly convinced that James isn’t going to announce his presence to his family before he leaves.

James calls out to his son Jack at the last moment while the camera focuses on him. He is likely to have recognized that someone might be aware of what he did and maybe after him, by contacting his family members and exposing them to the possibility of being targeted. That means that everyone from Harper’s Family Harper family will have to hide.

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