The Gilded Age: Will Jack and Bridget End Up Together? Theories

Will Jack and Bridget End Up

‘The Gilded Age is set in the period of American time when astonishing technological advancements and a robust economy disguised the gap in social status. A war between those who belong to the old and the new continues to rage in the civilized social class that is New York.

While “The Gilded Age’ is predominantly focused on the wealthy class, a few characters, mostly members belonging to those belonging to the Russell family and the van Rhijn, appear to be New Yorkers of the working class. John “Jack” Treacher (Ben Ahlers) and Bridget (Taylor Richardson) both work in the van Rhijn family.

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He is a footman and she’s a housemaid. In the first season, the hints of a relationship begin to develop between the two. If you’re wondering if they’ll end up being with each other, this is the information you should be aware of.


Will Jack and Bridget End Up Together?   

The Gilded Age has been developed in the hands of Julian Fellowes, who also produced multiple award-winning, massively loved ITV series “Downton Abbey. In both shows, the lives of everyday poor people are portrayed by House staff. In “The Gilded Age,’ characters such as Jack and Bridget depict the courage in what is known as the American dream. In the glare of the lighting of the Russell family, they are able to dream of an era where they can be invited to such events.

The two Jack and Bridget both have trauma and sorrow from their past. Bridget was sexually assaulted as a child and Jack was devastated by the Peshtigo fire in 1871. In episode 3 Jack goes with Bridget to see the Magic Lantern Show. When he expresses an attraction to Bridget, she demands to be brought to her home. In the fourth episode of the series, we find out about the abuse she suffered and how her mother was unable to stop the abuse.

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As the show progresses, it becomes clear that Bridget likely shares Jack’s enthusiasm, but she’s not involved in any relationship with Jack. In episode 8 she is envious thinking that he’s currently interested in a different girl. He is seen taking flowers every day, and then decides to follow his path. That’s how she came to learn about his mother. The flowers were given to Jack’s mother’s funeral. The audience is able to sense there is a change in their relationship post-mortem. Bridget finds out that the past is a source of pain and pain for Jack.

When the first season is over, their romance isn’t even officially established. But, as they sit in the light of Russell’s home Russell residence, they think of a brighter future. In the future their relationship is set to develop and is likely to be an essential subplot of the show as well as their climb up their social ranks. The writers have a lot planned for the couple. Jack and Bridget may become their own George as well as Bertha.

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