The Rental Post Credit Scene, Explained

The Rental Post Credit Scene, Explained

Dave Franco’s directorial debut, the 2020 movie ‘ The Rental, is a mix of genre tropes in various genres, from thrillers to horror slashers. The result is extremely appealing to horror film lovers because of the sincere and passionate storytelling. Two couples -three – Charlie, Michelle, Josh, and Mina are heading to a remote holiday location for a weekend escape. The brother of the owner, who is the house owner, is, in all likelihood, the most racist.

The plot gets more intense when the night of revelry goes out of control. The danger is also believed to be lurking around the home, and, following an unintentional death, the film continues to veer away from the cliff. Although we don’t get to identify the killer, the middle-credits scene is a clue to the pattern of the narrative. If you want to comprehend the post-credits scene in close-ups, We’re here to help. There are spoilers ahead.

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The Rental Post Credit Scene

In a way, it is reminiscent of the slasher-horror serial killer trope the conclusion doesn’t reveal who the killer is. The four characters die, and the murderer fixes the room to its initial state. He removes the showerheads and replaces them with new ones. Cameras can also be seen out of the smoke alarm, and a recording machine can be seen under an agro-plant in the living room. However, we can conclude that the bulldog Reggie is alive. In the sequence after the credits, the murderer is seen checking into a different bed and breakfast, placing cameras in the same way.

The only change to note is that this new spot appears to be near a community, making the venture less stressful. For one thing, he does need to pursue his victims through the woods. The scenes after the credits reveal secret surveillance footage. People go and come to the bathroom, working or chatting with friends, or making love. They aren’t aware of the existence of the invisible person watching, and it causes a chill to our spines. While the perpetrator peeks into the lives of the victims are mostly unaware.

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Who’s The Killer?

While enticing and thrilling as the post-credit sequence might be, it does provide any clues about the person who is the person who killed. The perpetrator wears a mask like classic slasher horror heroes like Leatherface and Jigsaw Killer. Jigsaw Killer. The pattern of his murder suggests that he has been studying a place for a long time before setting out to hunt for the area.

He was a snooping tom before the incident involving Charlie and his company and was a well-prepared one. In addition, killing is not the primary concern of the perpetrator since the majority of him is the person who is a voyeur. The story reveals that the killer isn’t reluctant to commit murder, and he could be a serial killer.

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Do the Police Find The Killer?

In the wake of the events in the film, it’s hard to determine if the police will catch the murderer. But, the odds of his being found are slim. First of all, following the death then, he takes away all equipment and cameras that might suggest the involvement of a criminal. So, his identity is unknown.

After the crime scene, police might be able to determine that it was an internal matter by looking over the footage from Josh’s cell phone. The absence of Mina’s body could likely indicate that she was the one responsible, especially when police are focused on the practice of racial profiling. But regardless, the killer is still in hiding, and a follow-up could likely see him getting close to being captured.

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