The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15 Ending Ending

Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15

Episode 15 of AMC’s post-apocalyptic show “The Walking Dead” season 11 is about what transpired following Toby’s death as well as Negan, Annie, and their group’s escape. Lance comes to the church along with soldiers to look into the situation. He begins to believe that it’s Aaron and Gabriel as he doubts their explanation for Carlson’s disappearance.

Then, back in the Commonwealth, Eugene seeks assistance from Max to discover the truth of the confusing listing of people Connie was given. The episode concludes with a captivating cliffhanger. Lance creates a plan to defeat the dangers that he is facing. Let us clarify the confusion surrounding the subject! SPOILERS Ahead.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 of Season 11, called ‘Trust,’ opens with Lance asking questions about Aaron Gabriel’s claim that the religious group fled after they killed Carlson as well as the soldier. Lance is convinced that this group didn’t hurt Aaron and Gabriel since they knew the two men. Her suspicions of Lance lead him to Maggie’s Hilltop.

Daryl demands Maggie to believe Daryl and let him in the doors to Hilltop after he makes Lance promise that nobody is hurt during the hunt for the group and the stolen guns. Lance encounters Hershel, and the former put on the cap he found in the abandoned building. It matches perfectly with the son of Maggie, which confirms his suspicions.

When Maggie is threatened to shoot Lance and believes that it will hurt her son of her, Lance, along with his army, is forced to retreat. In the meantime, Mercer and Princess start an informal relationship. Eugene and Rosita speak to Connie about the victims who were killed in the process of removing money from the abandoned home for Sebastian.

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Connie provides names she’s got together, and they are aware that there are plenty of secrets within the community they reside in. Eugene is introduced to Max as she informs Max of the same. Eugene talks with Mercer about opposing Pamela but cannot convince her brother.

Ezekiel, as he continues his recuperation after surgery,, can meet Tomi and request that he perform an appendectomy on his acquaintance outside the hospital. They steal surgical equipment for the procedure but are detained by Commonwealth soldiers. Carol makes use of her influence to free them. Tomi performs the surgery and is able to save their friend, Ezekiel. Mercer speaks with Princess on the subject of the emotional hurt that he feels after killing two soldiers of Sebastian’s. Princess promises to help him to deal with the hurt.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15:

What Job Does Lance Offer Leah?

Following the departure from Hilltop, Lance instructs the soldiers to establish camps in the woods in order to look for the religious group and the guns that were stolen. While the soldiers continue to hunt, Leah hides and shoots at them, soldiers. Lance demands Leah cease the shooting and offers her an opportunity to work.

The likelihood is that Lance decides to assign Leah the task of killing or taking away Maggie and taking control of Hilltop in exchange for the stolen guns and the additional resources. To Lance, Maggie and her members can slaughter an entire force of the armored Commonwealth army and Carlson. So Governor’s deputy of the Commonwealth considers her an adversary that may put his authority and ambitions at risk.

Carlson’s demise is the lesson to Lance that the faith-based group doesn’t have to be completely ineffective. Because they are a part of Maggie and his desire to take over Hilltop and Oceanside could not be realized. When Lance faces the realities before him, the man must have realized the only way to defeat Maggie for her role as an enemy is by taking her down or limiting her strength.

Lance might consider Leah as the ideal weapon against Maggie. Because Leah is strong enough to slash through his convoy and even kill his soldiers and even steal his guns, Lance might find that she is able to endanger Maggie and her entire community.

If Leah concerns herself, Lance’s offer to work could open the door for her to take revenge on Maggie to destroy the Reapers. Because Leah’s disappearance and the theft of guns suggest that Leah is planning an upcoming battle against those who hurt her, Lance could find the perfect partner in Leah to wage war to defeat Maggie and her comrades. Lance might even invite Leah into his clandestine group, as his secret plans, perhaps to take control over the Commonwealth and the other communities nearby, are beginning to take form.

What Does Max Really Need to Steal?

When Rosita informs Connie that Sebastian has sent a few civilians to the grave to gain a profit which, including April, Connie believes that the information she’s compiled is tied to the deceased or missing civilians, but Rosita tells Connie that the list contains far more names than the total number of individuals who Sebastian gave.

They are aware they have to know that solving the mystery has to be kept by the Miltons to prevent them from uncovering the truth. Recognizing the necessity of access inside, he asks for Max’s assistance. Eugene might give instructions to Max to steal sensitive files about any assignments or missions that involve missing persons.

    Because Eugene isn’t entirely sure of the potential connections between the list of Connie and the civilians recruited by Sebastian and Sebastian, he might request Max to locate any documents concerning civil service recruitments. Max and Eugene, might even link the issue to the group known as the Anti-Commonwealth Group.

Suppose the names listed on the list belong to people who were fighting Pamela along with her husband’s oppression, documents about secret assignments to remove. In that case, the opposition and threats could be in the works. In a way, all documents that the Miltons are trying to conceal from their citizens might help Eugene and others bring out the truth, and Max could be forced to steal these documents.

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