See Who Killed Kate in The Weekend Away?

Top 5 Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has added a new thrilling thriller to its collection this week with the release of the brand-new crime thriller The Weekend Away. If you’ve never seen it yet, The Weekend Away can stream through Netflix.

A novel with the same title from Sarah Alderson, The Weekend Away, is a comedy starring Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester as a newly-wed mother. She takes a trip to Croatia with her divorced partner, only for the journey to turn tragically, horribly wrong.

If you’ve seen the film and are still trying to accept the shocking twists and turns that happen in the end, we invite you to read our full explanation of the film below.

‘The Weekend Away’ Netflix Ending Explained | Who Killed Kate?

There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the film, and it’s probably best to begin by reviewing some of the previous events before jumping straight to the conclusion.

The story begins with Beth, a married, settled woman who recently had her first child, meeting her newly-divorced and more free-spirited pal Kate for a getaway weekend in Croatia.

They have different opinions of how they would like to spend their time during the holiday. While Beth would prefer relaxation, Kate is in the party mood, And so, the first night they meet, she takes a reluctant Beth to an evening of wild partying.

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It is, without a doubt, the point at which problems start. The next day, Beth wakes up with no memories of the night before and realizes that Kate is not found. In a flash, it is obvious that she’s been drowsy and, together with Zain-Zain, a Syrian taxi driver she had the pleasure of meeting earlier in the day, She tries to find out how she got to the root of the issue.

When Kate’s corpse is found, several crucial findings are discovered. One of them is that Kate had made arrangements for two escorts who would come returning to her Airbnb apartment – only to find out that they then ran off with her bag as an act of burglary. Then Beth’s husband Rob suddenly appears with a vague claim that Rob is there to assist with the investigation.

When Kate’s body is discovered, it is soon clear what the motive was. Rob was there checking messages from Kate’s phone. Beth can figure out that she was engaged for a long time with her husband.

Then, fast forward, and Beth is now a key person of interest in the Croatian police investigation into the murder, mostly due to her apparent motive to retaliate for the murder. It’s difficult to determine how she can establish her innocence until she stumbles upon a room belonging to the owner of her Airbnb. The room contains security footage of every incident in the apartment.

After reviewing the video the footage, she can see that Kate was pursuing the thieves after they took her bag and then being chased back by Pavic, who was a police officer who was currently investigating the crime.

Beth is convinced that she Beth is confident that Pavic was responsible for Kate’s death after he took a swipe at her and she had resisted his demands. She confronts him, and as a result of the fight, the police officer falls to his death. Afterward, Pavic’s police partner Kovac appears to confirm the account while noting that Pavic was a frequent victim of assaulting female sex workers.

The case appears to be resolved, the case is over, and Beth goes back home to the London home. However, there’s a twist to be found – – and it’s a big one.

Who was the one who killed Kate in The Weekend Away?

In London, Beth arrives to drop her child off at Rob’s house for the weekend and at first refuses to remain for a cup of tea. But when he asks her to pull the spare car key out of his jacket pocket, she uncovers something else there: a ring from the necklace Kate was wearing on the night she was murdered.

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In a state of shock, She begins calling Kovac from Croatia to clarify; however, after Rob interrupts her, she decides to accept the tea offer once and for all. Then she confronts him, saying she’s got everything about him before he finally confesses the truth about what happened.

He says he’d gone to Croatia to plead with Kate not to speak to Beth regarding the incident that led to a violent dispute. He slapped her, and she fell into the water, landing on the rocks before falling into the sea, which she then drowned.

Despite his requests for Beth not to speak about the authorities, it’s quickly revealed that she’d been in contact with Kovac all the time – who been informing the British police of all the details. The film is about to end, and we witness the coppers get closer as Beth gets away with her child with her.

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