Top 5 Automatic Savings Apps UK 2022

Why Everyone is Using These Automatic Savings Apps in UK 2022?

Don’t remember to save money? No problem! Here’s a list of the top automatic savings apps available in the UK. These open banking apps allow you to save money by regularly moving small amounts into separate savings accounts, rounding up your purchases, and automatically saving the difference.

Some of the best automatic saving apps include, Plum, Chip, Revolut. All apps are available for Android and iOS. The best part about all these apps is, all are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Top 5 Automatic Savings Apps UK 2022


Chip helps you save money by automatically identifying any spare change in your bank transactions and setting it aside for yourself. You can adjust the save level to decide if you prefer to save money slowly or faster. 

You have the option to review each auto-save and make adjustments, or skip saving altogether. Chip’s technology can learn from your changes and adjust future saves accordingly. 

Chip offers fun deposit features like Payday Put Away or Save Streaks. You can also withdraw money from the app at any time.

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Revolut allows you to manage your finances and money. You can budget, save, invest, withdraw and invest instantly. Revolut allows you to fund your account instantly with one-off transfers. You can also make it easy with scheduled deposits or spare change round-ups. 

Revolut’s round-up feature rounds up card transactions to the nearest Pound and saves you the difference. Revolut Savings Vaults money is protected up to PS85,000 when deposited with a trusted bank partner. Revolut allows you to store your cash in over 30 currencies, including commodities. You can also get 1% cashback when you upgrade to Revolut Metal.


Monzo Bank offers a Savings Marketplace in the Monzo app. Here you can choose from a growing number of providers with competitive interest rates that will suit your savings goals. You can use the Monzo app to set savings goals and round up any spare change. Then, automatically save the difference in a savings account.


Plum automatically calculates how much money you can save and sets aside. It gives you a view of your finances and analyzes your spending to help keep track of your money. 

Plum can also identify if you are paying too much for your bills and switch you to a cheaper supplier to save you money. You can adjust the amount that Plum saves if you feel it is taking away too much. You can also withdraw money from the app at any time. 

Plum offers fun deposit features like Round-Ups and Pay Days, 52-Week Saving Challenge and Rainy Day Savings Rule.


Moneybox’s Roundup feature lets you save money by rounding up card transactions to the nearest Pound and then saving the difference. (e.g. Moneybox automatically saves 70p if you spend PS2.30 for a cup of coffee. You have the option to save money with either a 45-Day or 95-Day Notice account. Round-Ups can be turned off if you feel like the app takes too much away from your savings. The app allows you to withdraw money once per month.

Top 5 Automatic Savings Apps UK 2022 – FAQs

What is an Auto-savings App?

A auto-savings app allows you to save small amounts of money by estimating your ability to save and then moving that amount into a separate savings or wallet. You will usually have quick access to the money. If you choose one of the standard savings accounts, most apps offer full FSCS protection.

What are the Advantages of Auto Savings Apps?

  1. These apps make it easy to set aside money regularly, with very little effort.
  2. These tools will help you to develop good savings habits.
  3. These can be an enjoyable way to learn more about money.
  4. You may earn interest in certain cases.
  5. You can save your money by having it in a separate account. This reduces the temptation to spend all of it.

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