These Top 5 Hunting Shows on Netflix Are Amazing

These Top 5 Hunting Shows on Netflix Are Amazing

Here are the top hunting shows currently streaming on Netflix. You can choose an action-oriented fishing show or something else that’s more in the realm that focuses on mammals. This collection of shows currently available streaming on Netflix is frequently updated with the latest and most popular television series.

What are the top hunting shows to stream on Netflix?

Southern Survival

Southern Survival (Netflix, 2020) is an American documentary television show. Follow a group of survival experts as they test the products designed to help people navigate dangers, such as the wild, natural disasters, and the like.

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You vs. Wild

In this interactive series, you’ll be making crucial decisions to aid Bear Grylls to succeed, survive and complete their missions in the harshest conditions on Earth.

Win the Wilderness

Six couples vie to show they’ve got the endurance capabilities to get the title to an incredible home in the vast wild Alaskan wilderness. Alaska.


MeatEater is a fictional outdoor hunting television show in the United States airing on The Sportsman Channel with Steven Rinella. The show premiered on January 1st, 2012, developed through Zero Point Zero Production.

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It’s an American fishing reality show. In the fishing season, rugged fishermen and women hunt for the lucrative albacore tuna caught in the highly competitive oceans off of the Oregon coast.

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