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10 Best Money Saving Apps UK 2022

We shouldn’t take anything lightly in terms of financial planning. If we talk about financial planning, money-saving and investment come first. That’s why today, we will disclose the best money saving apps that will help you save a lot of money.

The list of the top money-saving apps in the UK includes Raisin UK, Plum, Currensea, Monzo, Moneybox, etc. Apart from it, there are a variety of open banking apps that save you money. You can also save money with payment cards that allow you to get fair exchange rates and free ATM withdrawals.

10 Best Money Saving Apps UK 2022

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates all the apps on this page. They are available for Android and iOS.

Raisin UK

Raisin UK, a free and easy-to-use savings platform, connects you to various banks that offer deposit-protected savings accounts at competitive interest rates. Raisin allows you to open as many savings accounts as you want, and you can manage them all under one roof. 

There are no fees. You can select from a wide variety of savings accounts once you have registered. You can choose from several savings accounts that are easy to access, as well as notice accounts and fixed-rate bonds.


Moneybox’s Roundup feature lets you save money by rounding up card transactions to the nearest Pound and then saving the difference. (For E.g., Moneybox automatically saves 70p if you spend PS2.30 for a cup of coffee. 

You have the option to save money with either a 45-Day or 95-Day Notice account. Roundups can be turned off if you feel like the app takes too much away from your savings. The app allows you to withdraw money once per month.


Revolut allows you to manage your finances and money. You can budget, save, invest, withdraw and invest instantly. Revolut will enable you to fund your account instantly with one-off transfers. You can also make it easy with scheduled deposits or spare change roundups. 

Revolut’s roundup feature rounds up card transactions to the nearest Pound and saves you the difference. Revolut Savings Vaults money is protected up to PS85,000 when deposited with a trusted bank partner. 

Revolut allows you to store your cash in over 30 currencies, including commodities. You can also get 1% cashback when you upgrade to Revolut Metal. Revolut allows you to save for free. However, to access more advanced features or cashback, you will need to upgrade to Plus Premium, Metal, and PS6.99/month, respectively.


You can save money with Monese in two ways: savings pots or interest accounts. You can save money by creating savings pots. However, they are not able to earn interest. Pots can be created in many currencies, and money can be withdrawn from them at any time. 

You can also add your spare change to create pots and then save the difference in up to 10 accounts. Monese offers a marketplace partnership that allows you to open savings accounts with interest. You can be sure that your savings will be protected with FSCS protection. 

You only need a photo of yourself and your ID to open a Monese bank account. Credit checks are not required. Monese also offers international money transfers, travel money, and multi-currency accounts.


Chip helps you save money by automatically identifying any spare change in your bank transactions and setting it aside for yourself. You can adjust the save level to decide if you prefer to save money slowly or faster. 

You have the option to review each auto-save and make adjustments or skip saving altogether. Chip’s technology can learn from your changes and adjust future saves accordingly. Chip offers fun deposit features like Payday Put Away or Save Streaks. You can also withdraw money from the app at any time.


Plum automatically calculates how much money you can save and sets aside. It gives you a view of your finances and analyzes your spending to help keep track of your money. Plum can also identify if you are paying too much for your bills and switch you to a cheaper supplier to save you money. 

You can adjust the amount that Plum saves if you feel it is taking away too much. You can also withdraw money from the app at any time. Plum offers fun deposit features like Roundups and Pay Days, 52-Week Saving Challenge, and Rainy Day Savings Rule. Plum Plus and Plum Pro may be right for you if you are interested in automatic investments or want to earn interest on savings.


The Curve allows you to use one card to access all your accounts and make money. The Curve allows you to save money by using fair exchange rates and fee-free ATM withdrawals abroad. It also gives you full access to your spending history and notifies you of every payment, helping you keep track. 

The Curve card can be linked to Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. This will allow you to enjoy compatibility with all Mastercards and Visa cards. The Curve has many cool features, including “Go Back In Time,” Anti-Embarrassment Mode, cashback at your favorite retailers, personalized rewards, and travel benefits.

Although Curve doesn’t offer FSCS protection, it does provide customer protection up to PS100,000. This protection is available in the event of a payment issue such as counterfeit goods being received or non-receipt of goods or services.


TallyMoney, an asset-based currency and savings app that links physical gold to a bank account, is simple to use. It aims to protect the long-term value of your money. TallyMoney accounts for each milligram of physical Gold that TallyMoney customers own. 

Customers can spend, save, transfer, deposit, and withdraw their money the same way as pounds using the TallyMoney Debit Mastercard or app. TallyMoney offers 1-year fixed-rate savings account with a market-leading 2% return on deposits between PS1,000 to PS20,000. TallyMoney deposits are not covered under the FSCS.


Currensea lets you save money on foreign currency fees when traveling abroad with your Currensea Card. You can save anywhere between 85% and 100% on foreign exchange fees, depending on the Currensea plan you choose.

Currensea connects directly to your bank account via Open Banking. You don’t need to top up, prepay or create a new account to Currensea when you sign-up for a card. Every Currensea plan provides free ATM withdrawals up to PS500 per month for Elite members and up to PS750 per month if you are a Currensea member.


Monzo Bank offers a Savings Marketplace in the Monzo app. Here you can choose from a growing number of providers with competitive interest rates that will suit your savings goals. You can use the Monzo app to set savings goals and round up any spare change. Then, automatically save the difference in a savings account.

Starling Bank

Saving Spaces feature acts as a virtual piggy bank, allowing you set savings goals and to set aside money from your main balance. To encourage savings, you can personalize your Saving Space by adding a title and image. You can also use Roundups to place your spare change in a space that interests you. Your savings will still earn interest up to the account limits.

Best Money Saving Apps UK 2022 – FAQs

How Do Money Saving Apps Work?

You can save money with money saving apps. Many perks and features can increase your savings and help you spend more wisely. These depend on which type of savings app you choose. Automated savings apps allow you to save money by regularly moving small amounts into separate savings accounts or rounding up your purchases and then automatically saving the difference. 

Payment cards also offer many benefits, such as fair FX rates and fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals. Many money saving apps require you to connect to your bank account to be able to access your funds for saving, withdrawing money abroad, or putting money aside.

Are money-saving apps worth it?

Apps that help you save money can be a powerful tool for improving your spending habits and saving. You can find a range of savings incentives available, including Roundups and auto-save features. They also offer regular spending insights that will help you pinpoint areas where you can save money.

Is the FCA regulating money-saving apps?

Yes, all these money saving apps have been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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