Unblocked Games For School Chromebook

Unblocked Games For School Chromebook

Do you wish to play games on your school Chromebook but are unable to do so because all the gaming sites have been blocked on it? That’s not an issue at all. You still can play a lot of interesting games on your School Chromebook.

People usually believe that it is impossible to play games on a school Chromebook since the sites and browsers where you find these games have been blocked. However, this is not completely true. 

Although you might not be able to play the games you were exactly looking for on your school Chromebook, there are still some great games that you would really like to play.

But how to find these unblocked games for School Chromebook? Don’t worry, just keep reading and you will find out the answers that you have in your mind.

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How To Find Unblocked Games On School Chromebook

Although all the gaming sites are blocked on your school Chromebook and you are unable to get any game you want, Google is always there to your rescue. Yes, Google provides the users with its own games that can even be played on your school Chromebook since Google can’t possibly be blocked on any Chromebook, right?

How to find unblocked games on a school Chromebook? Answered: All you have to do is just open the Google chrome on your school Chromebook and type “google.com/doodles”.

After this, type “Games” in the search bar at the top of the screen that will appear. A list of all the games that are provided by Google will appear on the screen. These games are completely unblocked and are free to play.

You can choose whichever game picks your interest and start playing it without having to worry about anything else. Isn’t that cool?

Unblocked Games For School Chromebook

Here are some of the best unblocked games to play on school Chromebook, introduced by Google itself. Let us know about them a little and then you can choose for yourself which ones you are interested in and would like to play. 

1. Doodle Champion Island Games

This is a great game for you to play on your school Chromebook where the athlete Lucky has to surpass several hurdles as she explores the whole Doodle Champion Island, there will come several different sports from time to time that you have to win. 

2. Celebrating Pizza

The game is all about cutting the slices of the pizza so that each person gets an equal share of the toppings over it. The game is simple yet you have to carefully slice the pizza or you will lose it. 

3. Celebrating Garden Gnomes

It is time to fill up your garden with bright and colorful flowers. The game is all about calculating the right time and executing the launch, only then will you be able to spread the flowers to larger distances. 

4. Doodle Cricket

What’s more than playing cricket on your school Chromebook? Yes, there is a game Doolle Cricket that you can play on your Chromebook without worrying that games are blocked on it. Enjoy taking your turn as a batsman. 

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5. Halloween 2016

We can guarantee that you will not be able to let go of this game unless you finish all the five levels. You have to doodle the signs that display above the ghosts that are directed toward you. As you do that the ghosts will be killed, or else you might lose a life. In the end, you have to kill the largest ghost and get back your book. 

The game is quite interesting and you are definitely going to wish there were more levels in the game. 

6. Valentine’s Day Doodle

Here is another interesting valentine’s day based game. Beginning from picking up your love letter to preparing a cake and learning music, you have to keep running or swimming all the way to impresses your better half. You would surely like to play the game. 

7. Slalom Canoe

This is a simple game where you have to just make your way to the end of the river in your boat while passing through all the obstacles and reach the finish line to win. 

8. Clara Rockmore Doodle

Learn the basic lessons to play the notes of the music and then you are free to create your own music by just moving the white ball over the syllables as per the music you want to create. This is going to be interesting if you like music, just give it a try. 

9. Pac-Man

Well, we do not think we need to remind you of this game as you must already have played this on your gaming consoles since childhood. This is the same Pac-man game that you will also find unblocked on your School Chromebook without flash so you can cherish your older days while playing this game. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know about some of the games that you can play on your school Chromebook no matter how many sites have been blocked there, Google Doodle will always be there for you whenever you feel like refreshing your mind by playing some interesting games.

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