Vampire in the Garden Ending Explained

Here’s what happened at the end; Fine is finally killed, Kubo was allowed to go free, and Momo still continues the journey that Fine started with them.

More about the Vampire in the Garden Ending Explained, Keep reading if you are curious about the ending! Warning: Spoilers!

Vampire in the Garden is a new Netflix series that has been a huge hit. Even in the darkest times, the anime shows us how important it is to be your person. Sometimes we can get lost in what everyone else is doing or expects us to do. But a single decision by one person can make all the difference. Momo and Fine made a different choice, which led to some happy lives if not all.

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What’s Vampire in The Garden About?

Wit Studio created Vampire in The Garden, a Netflix original dark fantasy anime about a vampire.

Vampires and humans are at war in a dystopian future. The humans sell blood to stop violence, while the vampires develop a drug that increases their strength, which leads to their deaths. The story follows Momo, the daughter of the General of the Army of humans and Fine, Queen of vampires.

Momo is determined to find her way even though she has to go to war. On the other hand, Fine often ignores her duties and goes to extravagant parties. Fine refuses to drink blood and is now sick.

Humans attacked Momo, but Fine managed to escape taking Momo. They embark on a journey together to discover Eden, where humans and vampires can co-exist while singing.

Where and When Was Vampire in The Garden Released?

Vampire in the Garden, five episodes, was released on Netflix on May 16, 2022. The anime was a huge success.

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Vampire in the Garden Ending Explained? What happened in the End?

Fine is finally killed after she takes the drug to save Momo from Kubo. Kubo was allowed to go free. Fine made Momo promise that she would be back to her mother and the rest of the world when she died. Momo lifts Momo’s body and transports it down the mountain.

Nobara, her mother, is why she thanks for helping her discover her true purpose in this life. She then walks away, despite the pleas of her mother.

Many years later, Momo discovers a place where humans and vampires can co-exist. Although this place is not the real Eden as the fairytales portray, Momo created a sanctuary for humans and vampires.

Momo continued the journey that Fine started with them, even though Fine passed away. Vampires and humans live happily together, which everyone has been against since the start of the series.

Will there be a second season?

We can conclude that the series may not return. Netflix has yet to announce any new flags. It will be interesting to see if they decide on a sequel. We can only watch the anime streaming on Netflix right now.

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