Vic Weiss Murder: How Did He Die? Who Did He Kill?

Vic Weiss

In the third and final episode of HBO’s ‘Winning Times the Rise of the Lakers Dynasty owners Jerry Buss and the Lakers confront the aftermath of Jerry West’s resignation as coach. While searching in the search for an alternative coach they focus on Jerry Tarkanian, the celebrated but controversial college basketball coach. But, the contract eventually ended up failing due to the circumstances surrounding Tarkanian’s closest acquaintance, Vic Weiss, who was also involved in negotiating his contract. We’ll find out what transpired to Vic and then let’s find out, shall we?

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How Did Vic Weiss Die?

Victor Weiss grew up in Pasadena, California, and attended at the same school with Tarkanian. They became close friendsand he was able to handle the negotiation of the coach as a pastime. In addition, Vic saw some success in the fields of insurance and real estate before becoming the sports’ promoter. On June 14, 1979 Vic was in a meeting together with Jerry Buss and Jack Kent Cooke concerning Tarkarian being named Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Vic had been seen leaving from the back of his Rolls-Royce at the end of the day from the hotel Beverly Hills, California, which was where the meeting took place the same day. Vic was scheduled to go out for the restaurant with wife Rose but the couple never returned. Bestrided, she declared him missing. Then, on the 17th of June 1979, the security officer found Vic’s vehicle on the lot in an hotel located in North Hollywood, California.

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Vic was found in the trunk of the car with his body trussed up and wrapped with blankets. His body was in a state of decomposition and his hands bound to his back. Vic received a shot to the back of his skull and another on the temple, which indicates the execution-style killing. Initially, authorities were confused as Vic’s briefcase and wallet were missing but his diamond ring and watch were not missing. Thus, robbery was not excluded as the primary motive.

Who killed Vic Weiss?

The authorities did not find any evidence of identification on the body. The identity of the victim was established using fingerprints. In addition there were no clues or evidence inside the car which could have led police to the murderer. Therefore, they turned to looking into Vic’s circles and his previous criminal history. Soon, a disturbing picture emerged. Although Vic was often in the company of sporting celebrities and businesspeople who were legitimate publicly, his personal connections were not exactly pleasant. Vic was well-known to have criminal connections.

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Although Vic was believed to be the owner of some car dealerships it was later discovered that he was merely being a pay consultant who had no financial stake within the industry. The authorities also received information which pointed to Vic’s connections with mobster groups from Nevada in Nevada and Florida. A Vic’s friend was later interviewed by the police on the condition that they maintain confidentiality. According to the friend, Vic had more than $60,000 of gaming in debt from Las Vegas, Nevada. To pay it back the money, he moved cash out of California into Las Vegas.

But, Vic was also allegedly taking off the highest amount of laundered funds. Authorities believed that Vic did not heed the warnings to stop, and consequently, he ended up getting himself killed. A witness also told police that when Vic disappeared when he was pulled over by his vehicle within Encino, California, followed by a second vehicle. Vic then engaged in what appeared to be a heated exchange with two men who came out of the car. Then, Vic and the two men were able to get in his Rolls-Royce, and the two vehicles driving off.

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One of the suspects was described as being tall and blond, however this was all the authorities could get. The detectives who were working in the investigation were anxious that about information being leaked, and were hesitant to speak with anyone about the matter. Many suspects that could have been implicated of the case were found dead in separate incidents later. The case is still unsolved. However, Vic’s connections to the mob were one of the reasons Vic was shot dead.

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