Video Games Releasing In October 2022 – Must Checkout

October 2022 is the busiest month for game lovers for some awesome games are lined up to be enjoyed by the fans. From Xbox to Nintendo and PlayStation, the great gaming consoles are geared up to drop their best work. This month will provide you with some long-awaited sequels and of course many fresh releases.

So keep everything at pause and join us to learn more about these games and their release dates and do keep a reminder. Grab this fantastic opportunity to be one of the first to play these new arrivals and enjoy. 

Following are some fresh video games releasing in October 2022

  1. Overwatch 2 
  2. NieR: Automata
  3. Dragon Ball: The Breakers
  4. Scorn
  5. A Plague Tale: Requiem 
  6. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
  7. Gotham Knights
  8. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Know some more details of these great games to decide which are worth your time and be prepared for stunning releases on your way. 

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8 Best Video Games Releasing In October 2022

  1. Overwatch 2 
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This first-person shooter game is a sequel to the very famous Overwatch. The players are split into two teams and about 35 unique characters with their own unique abilities and skills. The player needs to choose a “Hero” among them to carry forward the game.  The gameplay mainly focuses on PvP modes with numerous ranked and casual matches to compete. The teammates are further classified into Damage class- for offensive efforts, Support class- to slowly regenerate or heal, and Tank class- to protect the team. 

The game is set to release on October 4, 2022, and will be available on platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.

  1. NieR: Automata – The End of YoRHa Edition
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The Nintendo version of the post-apocalyptic RPG action is as interesting as its storyline This sci-fi story has great action and adventure. Aliens from the other world have invaded Earth and the attack is through weapons called machine lifeforms. The player’s emotions are at rising while witnessing the story of androids 2B and 9S who are ordered to fight against the dangerous machine lifeforms on the destroyed Earth. The stellar combat and variety of weapons make this action game a great hit. 

The game’s release date is October 6, 2022. You can finally play it on Nintendo Switch.

  1.  Dragon Ball: The Breakers
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Dragon Ball: The Breakers is one of the greatest survival games created and the horror elements added to it are surreal. The game takes place in the world of Dragon Ball Z and the players are normal seven civilians or survivors who are vulnerable to dangerous attacks. The game becomes even more interesting when the players come to know that they have no special powers to fight against the Dragon Ball enemies. They must collect various power-up items, weapons, and much more to evade Raider. The player can also customize the character’s skin and skill.

The game will be released on October 14, 2022, and can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

  1. Scorn

The horror adventure game that probably leads this genre for the month, Scorn is enough to keep you terrified for a long time. The players are in a secluded and bizarre world. This twisted, dream-like world has interconnected regions for the players to traverse to. The player’s survival is based on collecting distinct and unique bio-mechanical tools and uncovering some grave secrets of the strange world. Surrounded by mazes and puzzles to solve, the player’s sole goal is to escape this terrifying world.

The game’s release date is preponed to October 14, 2022, and you can play it on Xbox platforms, Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. 

  1. A Plague Tale: Requiem 
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The thrill never ends in these games and so does in A Plague Tale: Requiem. This action-adventure game is the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence with a clear objective. In the game, the player takes the control of Amicia who with her sibling, Hugo, fights against powerful curses, scoundrel villains, and rat plagues and looks for a cure to Hugo’s blood disease. The combat system and weapons are expanded and detailed. The stealth mode for Amicia makes the game more compelling and fun. 

The game is set to release on October 18, 2022, on platforms like PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

  1. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
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Mario with his pals is back to team up with the Rabbids to fight against Cursa who has been spreading the dark matter or the Darkness. The players need to rescue the Sparks throughout the galaxy who will also help the players in battle with their unique, distinct powers. The game will keep you engaged in puzzles and battlefield attacks and will let you experience a great adventure. The players can select from a range of nine available characters including the fresh addition and some beloved old ones. 

The game’s release date is October 20, 2022, and is available to enjoy on Nintendo Switch. 

  1. Gotham Knights
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Warner Bros is about to present another amazing work, Gotham Knights. Inspired by Batman: Gotham Knights comic series, the game centers on the characters-

Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, and Batgirl as they try to restore justice to Gotham City immediately following Batman’s death. By digging into Batman’s disappearance, they encounter the Court of Owls, a shadowy organization, and their brainwashed killers Talons. Each of the four characters has unique abilities and the player can choose to go solo or get company. 

The game is set to release on October 21, 2022, and can be played on Microsoft Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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  1. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II
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Arriving as the nineteenth installment in the Call Of Duty series, Modern Warfare II is back with high-intensity combat. The game carries a few gigantic changes in the COD gameplay including an advanced AI system and co-op modes. There is included a redesigned vehicle framework and swimming mechanics with improved, modified graphics. This hit series is presenting another gem for you to enjoy and some serious battles to fight. 

The game’s release date is October 28, 2022, and is available on PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Wrap Up

The month is lined up with some exciting releases and the arrival of sequels to some great hits. There are adventures and shooters, battles and some amazing mysterious storylines and of course a lot of fun. Play these awesome games as soon as they release and enjoy. 

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