Waiting Demons Rift Lost Ark

Waiting Demons Rift Lost Ark

While Lost Ark is filled with contents, However, there are secret treasures and dungeons players aren’t directed to by the quest journal. Certain dungeons require players to go through independently to find them.

When you travel to the region of Rethramis Border Blue scrolls may be found in your loot following a dungeon or in the open on the map. These items are rare. Secret Maps can lead you to dungeons that are hidden in the realm of the world of Lost Ark.

It is necessary to locate the part of the map which resembles the map on the scroll, then follow the line which is marked by an”X. When you reach it, you’ll see an interactive spot leading you to the secret underground dungeon you’ve been looking for.

How to resolve The Waiting Demon’s Rift treasure map in Lost Ark

When you’ve gotten your hands on the map known as the Waiting Demon’s Rift It is necessary to go toward Rethramis Border Region. Rethramis Border region of Rethramis. When you’re there when you open the map, it should help you see how many steps have to travel to reach your goal. You’ll need to travel towards the southwest corner on the map.

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Once you have reached Point 1 of the above map you will be able to see an old barn. Near the north end of it, you will find an object that can be interacted with titled “Enter Secret Dungeon. It is activated and will ask you to go inside the dungeon immediately. Enter the dungeon and take on the monsters that you encounter.

Screenshot by DoubleXPContrary to other dungeons found in Lost Ark, these Secret Dungeons don’t tend to offer a wealth of loot. They’re usually filled with basic monsters as well as a mid-level boss and drop good gear. If you’re into some treasure hunting and learning about the map of the Lost Ark in a better way they are a great part of your games.

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