Warzone Error Content Package Is No Longer Available – Fixed

If you’re gaming Warzone for PlayStation or Xbox you may have encountered an error message called dev error 6039. It states, “Content package is no longer available.” This is common for gamers of all kinds and generally means that one of the game’s files is damaged, but how can you solve it?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can resolve this issue. We’ll provide you with the steps below.

Sometimes, the issues are due to the servers of the game not being operational and sometimes, it is up to players to figure out the solution. A frequent Warzone problem currently in circulation is the pop-up message”Content package not available anymore’.

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‘Content Package Is No Longer Available’ – Error in Warzone Fix

Warzone issues are generally easy to fix, however they may be caused by the developer’s side.

The ‘content pack is no more available’ error could frequently strike players at the entrance, which can kick players from the games. In this scenario it’s usually because the developers have released an update for Warzone which you must install.

Returning to your home or client screen, this should happen automatically, occasionally you might be required to search for any updates on your console manually:

  1. You can go to your dashboard, or your home screen
  2. Go to your Games Library
  3. Click on Warzone and choose “Check for updates”
  4. The system will be able to identify the patch, and include the required files

If this does not resolve your issue , it might be the time to install Warzone completely and then download the game. This will ensure that any damaged files are restored and stop the issue from happening in the future.

A fresh install is an excellent option if everything else fails.

Do not forget that if the issue persists and you’re unsure of options, think about submitting an issue to Activision support to be given direct assistance regarding the problem.

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