Warzone Pacific Crashes After Updating| How can be fixed? 7 Easy Idea

Warzone Pacific Crashes

Warzone’s brand new map, Caldera, is constantly crashing the game for many players following the Warzone Pacific update. Should you be trying to find a solution for the Warzone Pacific Crashes or Caldera crashes, there are a few options.

The Warzone Pacific Updates are finally out, and, as of this day (9th December), they will be available to all players around the world. Warzone Pacific is packed with an array of updates and new content that you could almost think of it as Warzone 2.0 because it includes an entirely new map as well as having the Caldera Island and more than 40 brand different World War II guns from Vanguard as well as a myriad of different vehicles and brand new contract and events for the public as well as many more.

When you have this broad inevitable glitches and bugs will occur; however, some are more severe than visual glitches or bizarre bugs. One of the most significant issues right now is that Warzone Pacific is constantly crashing for many players without reason. What is the reason Caldera not working, and is there a way to fix this problem?

Warzone Pacific Crashes Fix | Caldera Crashing Fix

Since the launch of the Warzone Pacific update, players have been reporting various technical issues in the game, ranging from audio and textures not being present to the game broken and even turning players’ systems off.

The issue of crashing isn’t only a problem specific to one system. However, it’s reported to be present in PCs and Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Certain players can’t start the game, and others have the game freeze when playing on Caldera.

Its “good” news is that the issues may be due to Warzone Pacific’s instabilities and bugs and bugs, which developers have to address and not you. Your system will probably be exemplary.

But, you need to take some things to ensure that there isn’t an issue on your part, mainly if the crash is constant and won’t be able to go away.

Check drivers for GPUs.

Warzone Pacific Crashes Fix

When you encounter technical issues when playing a new game (or an update that is a major one for the game in this instance), you first need to verify that the GPU drivers are current.

You can search for the latest drivers through your GPU applications or download them by clicking the following links:

  • NVIDIA Drivers Download
  • AMD Drivers Download

The system needs to play Warzone Pacific have remained the same, bear in mind the fact that Caldera is significantly larger than Warzone Pacific and has a more precise map with significantly more elements included (denser foliage, more lighting, more objects, etc.) which could cause a lot of strain on your gaming gear.

Utilize “Scan and repair.”

Warzone Pacific Crashes

If Warzone Pacific is crashing on PC, try to repair it with Battle.net (Picture: Blizzard/Nikola Savić)

If you’re playing on your PC through Battle.net, ensure that the game is installed correctly and there aren’t corrupted files.

In the Battle.net client, perform these things:

  • Go to the Warzone page.
  • You can click on the cog (options) icon next to the Play button.
  • Choose the “Scan” and “Scan and Repair” options and let Battle.net do the rest.
  • After that, you can restart your computer for good measure.

Play the game and check whether the crash upon Caldera has gone away or if it’s there.

Reinstall Warzone Pacific

Often a fresh installation can fix persistent problems. When an update is of this magnitude, one that introduces essential modifications to the game at times, it’s best to uninstall it and then install it again instead of simply making the update.

Uninstall Warzone (use one of the tools, such as CCleaner, to clean the registry on your PC). Please restart your computer and then install Warzone and install it again.

This is all you could do to fix problems with crashes, besides the fact that we’ll need to be patient until developers solve the issue. If the issue continues, make sure you don’t play Warzone for a while because serious bugs could damage your computer.

Check this account of the official Activision Support account for any further news on this issue.

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