Best Warzone Pacific Settings For High Frame Rate 2022

Warzone Pacific Settings

Caldera is stunning as long as you’ve got the proper graphics settings. But what are the most effective graphic settings to use for Warzone Pacific on PC?

Warzone’s newest Pacific map is now available. It’s here – Caldera. It’s just like the stunning images the advertising material boasted… provided you’ve got the correct settings. The trick is choosing the correct settings to keep an excellent resolution while keeping your frame speed as good as possible.

NOTE: This guide is for PC users. If you’re using a console, there aren’t these options, which means you can’t increase the frame rate.

What Are The Best Settings For Caldera?

Warzone Pacific Settings: Graphics


  • Display Mode Fullscreen (This will ensure the highest quality frames. However, you may not be able to reach your monitor’s maximum capability while playing in windowed mode, if you wish.)
  • Screen Refresh Rate Adjust this rate to exactly your monitor’s refresh rate, not lower or higher.
  • Dynamic Resolution is disabled (it reduces Resolution for frames)
  • All Frames Synced (V-Sync) is disabled (counterintuitively, this is worth switching off)
  • Framerate Limit is disabled (Unless you’re trying to avoid overclocking your hardware)
  • NVIDIA Reflex High Latency – Enabled and Boost (Obviously, if you don’t have an NVIDIA card, this won’t have any effect on you).


  • Texture Resolution – Low
  • Bullet Impacts and Sprays Disabled (A majority of players might not like how the game is played after you’ve disabled this feature; however it can improve the frame rate little)
  • Dismemberment & Gore Effects – Disabled
  • On-Demand Texture streaming – disabled (Prevents the burst of packets)
  • The effects of post-processing are disabled for all Set to the value of 0
  • Raytracing disabled


There’s an interface tweak that we’re incorporating; however, it doesn’t directly improve your frame rate. Making the settings below changes to the heads-up display can help you stay aware of your surroundings while navigating the HUD with greater ease.

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